Valorant map Abyss drops the biggest hint about missing Agent 8

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 11, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

Riot is tight-lipped about the next Valorant agent, but it may have dropped a massive hint about Agent 8 in the latest map Abyss.

Abyss was recently released as the 11th Valorant map. After a long while, Riot released a map that was completely unique from others, bringing a gimmick of its own. With death drop enabled and dicey jumps, Abyss is a complicated but fun location. But it has massive Easter eggs that may be the hint for our next Valorant agent.

The A site of Abyss features low boundaries that lead to a seemingly bottomless pit. However, from a safe distance near the cliffs, you can observe a large hourglass sign. This area also appeared in the official Abyss trailer.

On the surface, it looks like a regular symbol, but it may be the cell that’s holding our missing agent 8 in Valorant.

Is Agent 8 locked in Abyss?

Valorant map Abyss

For those unaware, Valorant Agent 8 has been missing since the beginning. No one knows where they are, but theorists think they are crucial to the storyline and lore. Now, Riot has fanned the theories with the latest teaser in the Abyss trailer.

In one of the shots, the giant Hourglass symbol appears, and the shot cuts to dark as soon as a claw flexes. It’s entirely possible that this is our Agent 8. Here’s why.

First of all, eight has been a figure that has been repeatedly teased and mentioned in various Valorant skins, cards, and teasers. Players have also noticed “hourglass” clues throughout the game, hinting at Agent 8 being a time-meddler. The Memento Mori card released in Episode 1 Act 2 had an hourglass hanging from the keychain, nodding to the dead. 

Recently, Riot introduced a brand new organization called Hourglass Organization to Valorant lore. This is the company where ISO and Omen previously worked.

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Omen doesn’t remember his time at the Hourglass organization, but he’s clearly seeking revenge in the Abyss trailer. If you look closely, the claw looks pretty similar to Omen’s hands.

Valorant map Abyss agent 8

On the other hand, ISO was tasked with killing Omen by the Hourglass organization but ended up joining the Valorant protocol in exchange for protection from his employer.

This suggests that this Hourglass organization is clearly extremely dangerous and is clearly holding someone captive on a map that’s set in its territory. It’s evident that there’s some sort of connection between Figure 8 and the Hourglass organization.

All signs point to the mysterious figure behind the symbol being our missing Agent 8. Now, this agent has been missing for quite some time now and Riot has avoided dropping any hints. The fact that Riot chose this time to drop teasers in an Hourglass map means that next character in Valorant could be Agent 8.