New Valorant map Abyss introduces a CS2 map-style gimmick

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 9, 2024

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Abyss has officially been revealed at Valorant Champions Tour 2024: Masters Shanghai as a map set in the Hourglass Kingdom. Here’s your first look.

Abyss is Valorant’s 11th map, which will be entering the rotation in Episode 9. It was earlier leaked as Bastion, but now Riot has officially lifted the curtain on a brand new location that takes us into Hourglass organization’s territory. For those unaware, Hourglass was the organization where Iso and Omen worked. Both agents are now fighting against it.

After briefly breaking its habit of rolling out new map gimmicks like teleporters, mechanical doors, and ropes for Fracture and Lotus, Riot is bringing back the old tradition with Abyss. Map 11 in Valorant will have a CS map Vertigo-style drop gimmick.

The trailer showcased some areas of the map, including the library, bomb points, and some hiding corners. However, players were fixated on the tower.

Valorant map Abyss layout explained

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Set on top of a towering structure in the Hourglass Kingdom, Abyss is a map that balances closed spaces with expansive bomb points. Despite its size and tight choke points, it offers a 3-lane layout for mid, providing strategic opportunities for players. All lanes lead to bomb points A and B.

But players don’t have to worry about the large size hindering rotation. There are a lot of jump shortcuts that would allow you to get to a point quicker. But you’ll have to watch out for the edges. Abyss has death drops enabled; this means if you fall off a tower, you’re done for.

This works similarly to the death drop in the CS2 map Vertigo, so it’s not exactly a unique gimmick. But it’s still new in Valorant, which has players excited to toss enemies into the endless pit using abilities.

Here’s the minimap for Abyss:

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Abyss release date

Abyss is set to release on June 14.

Abyss will replace Split. Haven will also return in place of Breeze. So far, all Valorant maps have mostly outdoor, summery themes, so Abyss will be a refreshing change.