Valorant agent 21 abilities

Valorant leak may have revealed abilities of “Mage” agent 21

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The abilities of Valorant agent 21, codenamed Mage, may have slipped through the cracks judging from a leak on Reddit. If legitimate there’s reason to believe that the rumored controller will be very powerful. 

The current Valorant roster has 19 agents, though the identity and backstory of the mysterious eighth agent remain unknown. Riot Games is still tight-lipped about agent eight’s lore as it continues to roll out new characters. Valorant agent 21 is rumored to be a controller who hails from India, but that’s all players know so far. However, a leak has revealed a complete kit, unveiling a powerful smoker. 

The toolkit of Valorant agent 21 paints them as a relic collector with ability names based on Greek and Jewish mythology. So far, it’s tricky to pinpoint down their origin, so it’s possible that Mage collects valuable items worldwide.

What are Valorant agent 21 Mage’s abilities? 

Mage brings impenetrable smokes to Valorant for the first time, which make them a unique and very powerful controller. Their smokes deploy similar to Astra’s by placing bubbles at spots. These bubbles bloom into smokes that block bullets, similar to Astra’s ultimate. Besides this, their abilities aren’t unique but are still strong. 

These abilities have been leaked on Reddit, but not by the usual Valorant leakers. So, players may want to take it with a grain of salt and wait for the official release. If these do end up being Mage’s original powers, then players should expect something else in the final toolkit. The agent is still a whole act away from release, so even if legitimate Riot Games could make significant changes. 

Here are all abilities of Valorant agent 21 Mage, according to the leak:

Bubble (E): EQUIP bubble and enter into a phased state to place down a bubble by pressing the ability key. Activate to create an impenetrable bubble. Bullets cannot pass through.

Tartarus Pit (Q): EQUIP a Tartarus charger. FIRE to launch a shot that deals some damage and slows players within the zone. 

Vision Taker (C): EQUIP a distortion wall launcher. FIRE to create a small line of distortion. Enemies will get briefly blinded if they walk through.

Golem (X): EQUIP the Golem doll. Fire to throw. All teammates will get a regeneration buff and enemies will get decay debuff. 

Valorant agent 21 abilities

When is Valorant agent 21’s release date?

The most likely release date for Valorant agent 21 is October 24, but that’s not certain. Players had expected Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 to bring a new face to the lineup, but that didn’t come to fruition. A major content release, either a map or agent, will come in Valorant Episode 5 Act 3.