Bind in night mode

Valorant fan mods nighttime Bind and it’s amazing to look at

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 16, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Set somewhere in Morocco, Bind is an iconic map in Valorant that doesn’t need any more tweaking, but players can’t help but wonder how it’d look like in a different light. 

Bind was one of the original locations in the Project: A map pool. The dusty arena introduced teleporters to the player base, a shortcut to rotate. The magical portal makes up for the lack of a middle area in this enclosed, small location. Despite its shortcomings, Bind quickly became a player favorite and remains a competitive pick in the esports scene. However, creative Valorant fans are now reimagining the map. 

Bind at night is hauntingly good. The small map takes the shape of a dreadful desert. Surprisingly, Bind still looks playable in competitive mode despite the low light. 

Bind in night mode could actually be playable 

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In cutthroat FPS games like Valorant, lightning is of utmost importance. For this reason, shooter games rarely ever have dark maps as they may impact gunplay, aim placement, and other things. However, Bind’s night mode could actually be a playable location in Valorant as it’s lit by over 100 bulbs. 

A player named -Atom1k- has redesigned Bind in the nighttime, and players love it. The developer has kept the original design, adding necessary lighting in the interiors. However, the spawns of the map are too dark to be played even in casual mode. Conversely, the corridors are barely different than the original map. 

The entire location remains the same layout-wise, but the ambiance gets darker. The nighttime sky wraps the desert map into darkness, but the developer has added plenty of lights to keep things visible in key areas. The dimly lit map shows that plants, water, and other visual elements are surprisingly prominent. 

Similar to the spawns, the bomb points of Bind are also dim. There are plenty of lights outside but they’re not enough to make the bomb points playable. According to the developer, he added over 100 lights through Unreal Engine 5 to increase the brightness of this otherwise murky locale. 

Despite the darkness, players are hopeful that Riot may consider doing something similar for Halloween. While it’s a long shot, it’s not out of the question. The developer uses unique game modes to keep casual players hooked, so a Halloween-themed Bind map is something players can dream about.