map repetition in Valorant

Here are all 7 of the Valorant maps in rotation for Episode 5

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 20, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

With the release of the fantastical eighth map, Pearl, Riot Games has introduced a new rotational cycle. Here are all the active Valorant maps in Episode 5. 

A sparkling green Ascendant badge and the futuristic utopia Pearl have shaken Valorant to its core. To top it all off, Riot decided to narrow the map pool down to the magic number seven. This will make the next season a head-scratcher, especially for green players jumping into the wild fray. 

These are the active maps in Valorant Episode 5

If you’re new to Valorant, you only have to worry about seven active locations. Thanks to Riot, the game’s new cycle has scratched out Split, adding Pearl into the mix. Here are all the Valorant maps in Episode 5


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Ascent has a unique automatic door feature, but it is still the most traditional FPS map in Valorant. 

Players love this simple yet complex location for its expansive bomb points divided by a vast middle area. Teams must bring a blend of practiced strategies and crisp aim in order to win a game on Ascent. The classic location calls for strategic depth, making it an enjoyable map. 


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Breeze was the first Valorant map to bring a split mid area, making it one of the toughest locales to tackle. 

The tropical island is exceptionally balanced. It also brings variations to the overall Valorant map pool and agent selection with its long alleys, open areas, and double-mid. Without Breeze, the Valorant meta would have looked different in recent patches. 


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Teleporters are a unique gimmick to Valorant. The rotational doors facilitate clever plays and flanks, so it’s not a surprise Riot decided to keep it in the pool. Bind is a relatively small location, but its complex layout has made it a favorite. 


Valorant maps in episode 5

With Fracture, Riot proved that FPS maps could have dual spawns and a puzzling layout. It forced players to adopt new strategies and step out of their comfort zones to bag a win. Its H-shaped design might make it a pain to play, but the layout is on par with some of the best maps in Valorant. This episode, Fracture stays for its originality. 


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Haven may not be the best contender to stick in the pool, but its triple-site layout still has a lot to teach the players. The map remains one of the most complicated Valorant locales, ultimately making it a staple in the esports scene.

Teams are still struggling to find the right way to station players after the side switch on Haven, so it stays fresh despite being of the original maps. It makes sense why Riot would choose to keep it in the rotation. 


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The fantastic utopia Pearl is large, puzzling, and crammed with choke points. The developer removed Split in favor of a new location that will surely spice up the competitive scene in the coming weeks. Pearl doesn’t necessarily have a functioning gimmick, but it brings a unique transparent ceiling. The idea of a city encased in a glass is undoubtedly fascinating, even if it doesn’t contribute to game mechanics. 


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Players had mixed feelings about the icy Tundra map, but a recent update that solidifies Radianite boxes has convinced players of Icebox’s greatness. 

No other map has chokepoints as punishing as Icebox, which is precisely why players like to compete on this location. While one bomb point offers close-range battles, point A is all about long-range shooting. Many players also appreciate this location due to its fresh scenery that adds icy tones to Valorant’s predominantly sandy aesthetic.