Valorant Daydreams bundle

Latest Valorant bundle Daydreams is cheap and cute

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 9, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players will be pleased to find out that the latest skin bundle, Daydreams, is fancy yet affordable. 

Recently, Riot Games has rolled out exorbitant gun skins that cost a pretty penny. While these expensive skins are worth the money — considering the rarity and animations — not everyone can afford them. So, after releasing the Champions 2023 bundle, which would leave a massive strain on your wallet, Riot is now bringing a cheap but cute Daydreams bundle to Valorant. 

Daydreams is a colorful, bright collection of skin with over-the-top patterns. Minimal skin lovers might skip this one over and wait for what Riot has in store next. 

What’s in the Daydreams bundle? 

The Daydreams collection has skins for:

  • Classic
  • Phantom
  • Operator
  • Judge
  • Crowbar melee
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Courtesy: ValorLeaks on X

The guns have a bright yellow body with sparkling ping and black art on them. From skates to cars, random drawings are all over the skin, adding a fun touch to Deluxe guns. Daydreams doesn’t have unique animations or VFX effects, which is something players look for in their skins. But, for the comparatively cheap price, the collection is pretty decent. 

Out of the bundle, melee would likely sell out in a heartbeat. Unique melee weapons are always a hit among the players, and this one packs a Crowbar, a knife style that still remains rare in Valorant. 

While the skins are like any other Deluxe bundle, some players aren’t happy with them, even labeling them as “the best battle pass skins.” But, those with a tight wallet would still cop these items for their unique color. 

Valorant bundle Daydreams price 

Daydreams bundle is Deluxe tier, which means the bundle will be around 5,100 Valorant Points. For this price tag, players will get five skins and now extra charms or cards. Still, this is pretty affordable in Valorant, where skins can cost as much as $100.