VCT 2023

Here’s your first look at the Valorant Champions bundle 2023

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 29, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The first look at the highly coveted Valorant Champions bundle 2023 has slipped through the cracks, thanks to the leakers. 

Each year, Riot rolls out a time-limited bundle to commemorate the biggest Valorant event, Champions. The prestigious VCT circuit that filters out the best teams across the globe culminates at the final stage of Champions every year. This time, the event is slated for Los Angeles, and before Riot rolls out a themed anthem for the tournament, leakers have released the first look at the coveted Champions Bundle 2023. 

The Champions skins for this year come for Vandal and melee. Visually they are a treat, and players are already comparing the collections with the past two bundles. 

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The 2023 collection has a tiny VCT logo glowing on the purple-gold metal. Design-wise, the Vandal skin looks like a love child of Prime and Sentinels of Light collection in Valorant, except it’s better. The browns and golds from the muzzle subtly blend into the clean purple at the butt of the gun, and the entire weapon glows in serene light. 

For the melee, Riot has drawn inspiration from Jett’s Blade Strom. The tiny knife also has a VCT logo at the center; otherwise, it’s simple and minimal. Compared to the 2022 collection, this year’s weapons appear much lighter and genteel. But it’s too early to make judgments because Champions bundles typically have over-the-top, buildable animations. 

Valorant Champions bundle 2023 price

The exact price of the Champions 2023 bundle is unknown, but it’d likely fall somewhere between 6,100 to 6,500 Valorant points, considering the previous price points. 

Players should anticipate the bundle to appear in stores in the first week of August, likely a few days before the Champions event kicks off on August 6. It’s worth noting that this bundle is strictly exclusive and won’t return to Valorant once it leaves the store.