This Killjoy post-plant on Fracture is too good to be real

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

This new Killjoy setup shows why she’s the most viable agent on the new map Fracture. 

Valorant’s recent map Fracture is execution heavy. Attackers may have a layout advantage, but multiple openings into each bomb point make retakes a cakewalk for defenders. Getting site control and retaining it as attackers is a tall order if you don’t excel at utility usage on Fracture. 

Tackling these multiple entries is easier with Killjoy on the roster. The agent can lockdown areas on defence and watch flanks on the attack. Moreover, her Nanoswarms can be a game-changer when used correctly in after-plant situations. This sneaky little lineup for post-plant is so good that some players are calling it a bug that might get patched soon.

How to use Killjoy Nanoswarm on Fracture

This post-plant Nanoswarm lands behind an unplayable area that enemies rarely ever check. Since it lands behind a glass, enemies can’t shoot it to avoid damage. Here’s how you can do it in the game. 

  • Stand in the corner of the first stair
  • Place your aim on top of the building 
  • Make sure your crosshair is a bit far from the left side of the tower 
  • Throw the grenade, deploy it when required 

You can also plant two grenades behind the glass to make sure they last long. Plant the Spike in the corner of the under rafter so that the bomb is within range of Nanoswarms. Activate each grenade separately when you hear enemies tapping the Spike. The Nanoswarms will render damage to keep defenders away from the Spike. 

While this is a mind-boggling setup, it has a few downsides. It’s not recommended to use this when you’re in a one versus one situation and are unaware of the enemy’s position. You may get shot down if defenders are nearby. Only use it when you have complete site control and a teammate to protect you while executing the setup. 

Paired with a turret, this Killjoy post-plant grenade can be death-dealing. It’s replicable since enemies can’t do anything to avoid the grenades. Typically, players can destroy the nades upon hearing the faint buzz or noticing them close-range. However, the glass protects the utility, leaving no other option for enemies but to step away from the Spike. 

Many players believe that this bug might get fixed in upcoming patches, but nothing is sure. A similar setup exists in Split, so it’s unlikely that this one is an unintentional mechanic.