Who is Varun Batra, Valorant’s potential agent 21?

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 1, 2022

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The Valorant Public Beta Environment has teased a crucial character in the lore who could be from India. Is Varun Batra the next Valorant agent 21, Mage? 

Riot Games is big on diversity when it comes to Valorant protocol. The lineup has characters from different parts of the world. From Ghana to Germany, the developer has added various languages, references, and agents into the mix. Neon’s release ended up being a massive event in Valorant considering the size of the player base in the Philippines. It seems Riot has noted Valorant’s popularity in South Asia, adding an Indian character into the lore. 

Leaker and data miner floxay has shared an email from the Valorant PBE that mentions a mystery character named Varun Batra, which is typically an Indian or Nepali name. Fans from across the world can now anticipate hearing Indian voice lines in Valorant. 

Is the next Valorant agent 21 Indian? 

Varun Batra Valorant

The next Valorant agent could be Indian, as players have long requested Riot Games to add one. It won’t be a surprise if Varun ends up being agent 21, considering the diverse nationalities in the game. 

Riot Games has previously dropped teasers regarding agents through emails in Range and Fracture. Floxay has shared a curious screenshot from Valorant PBE, which mentions an agent likely from India. 

“The keeper of Legion’s new power source has a name: Varun Batra,” the email read

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While it’s undoubtedly a conversation starter, Varun doesn’t have to be an agent on the roster. Many characters have debuted on the Kingdom’s email but never made it in-game. These mysterious names play a crucial role in the leadership roles of Omega Earth and Kingdom but have nothing to do with gameplay. Moreover, Riot rarely ever drops the name of main characters in emails ahead of the release. 

Still, players’ enthusiasm is at an all-time high. Only time will tell if Varun Batra is Mage, a rumored magician with supernatural Radiant powers. The Valorant agent 21 release date isn’t anytime soon, so players may want to hold their horses and patiently wait for more teasers before concluding the nationality of Mage.