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Valorant agent 20 is a hacker initiator with spy-like abilities

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 4, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Valorant agent 20 has been teased, and seems to be a new initiator with super-spy abilities. 

Valorant lore has taken an interesting twist. A brand new character has entered the fray with perilous threats and warnings. They know everything about Valorant agents and are more than willing to leak the personal information of the protocol. This nefarious character could be Valorant agent 20. 

The unknown character has left plenty of clues around the map that are both informative and alarming. It’s unknown what they want, but Viper wants them on the squad. 

Who’s the next Valorant agent 20? 

The next Valorant agent 20 is spiteful, a Radiant, and likely an Initiator. Leaks and clues suggest that they have ties with the current squad and are seeking revenge. 

The Valorant Episode 4, Act 2 Battle Pass had many attractive player cards, but one particular banner caught players’ interest. A creepy eye dubbed “Silence” seemed more like an agent teaser, which was later confirmed in the game. The unknown character has dropped red dossiers around the maps, threatening each agent. These cards have the signature eye stamped on them. 

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Viper’s audio note to Brimstone may explain the eye card. According to her, the upcoming agent will help gather more information as the roster needs “more eyes.” This likely means that agent 20 will be an Initiator. This mystery character has already racked up files on each Valorant agent’s personal and professional life. As evident from the Omen and Viper cards, they’re hitting all sensitive spots to break the protocol. 

“What sort of person has no name? Not an honest one. You are a monster now, perhaps you were a monster before,” the upcoming agent wrote to Omen.

In their message to Brimstone, Viper explained that the protocol could no longer rely on Sova and Cypher. This unknown person is impossible to trace but has all the sensitive information about the Valorant protocol. This means they’re way better at intel-gathering than the other Spy characters in the game. However, this agent is way more hostile than the deadliest Radiants in Valorant like Reyna and Viper. 

What are the abilities of Valorant agent 20? 

Agent 20 seems to have spy or hacker-like abilities.

The new Valorant home screen has an additional exclamation mark on Brimstone’s map and Killjoy’s Nano Swarms. The same eye also pops up, hinting that someone has hacked into their kits. 

The next initiator will likely have powers to gather intel and disable the enemy. This could be in the vein of Sombra from Overwatch, The Spy from Team Fortress 2, or Revenant from Apex Legends.

Brimstone isn’t a fan of this mysterious agent, but Viper seems intrigued. It remains to be seen how Viper will convince them to join the roster, considering their hatred towards the protocol. However, the agent would surely be a valuable option for players as they will likely be an alternative to Sova. 

The secret agent has clarified that they want Brimstone to “prove his innocence” in one of their mails. The agent threatens to leak intel if Brimstone doesn’t come clean about a “disappearance.” So, there are clearly tons to unpack here. Players will have to wait for more clues and hints to make sense of this mysterious blackmailer.