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Use this Sova lineup to expose all enemies on Fracture

by | Feb 7, 2022

Reading Time: 2 min.
Reading Time: 2 min.

The darts of Russian initiator Sova become deadlier as Valorant’s meta grows. A single recon bolt can expose the entire A site of the map Fracture.

Intel gatherers are crucial to winning a game of Valorant. The Initiator agents can help gain first information and clear route for aggressive duelists. But, Sova players have taken things up a notch with this spawn lineup. Using this dart, teams can strategize within their base without stepping into the enemy’s line of fire. 

A player named FritzeeMGTR has found a Sova lineup on Fracture that clears almost all corners on A site. 

Fracture is easily the least defender-sided map in Valorant due to the apparent attacker-favoring layout. The defenders are sandwiched in the middle of the H-design, with attackers cornering them from all angles. This lineup will make winning a piece of cake for attackers, and defenders can also use it in particular situations. 

This bolt travels all the way from attacker spawn to A site. Here’s how to do it.

How to use Sova on Fracture’s A site? 

Here’s how to use Sova’s recon bolt to scout Fracture’s A site. 

  • Stand on the left corner of the attacker’s spawn. 
  • Place your crosshair on the corner of the metal ledge. 
  • Activate two ALT fire dots.
  • Load up to two charges and release the dart. 

The bolt with land on the left corner of the drop, revealing all crucial angles on Fracture’s A site. This will help your teammates decide whether to hit A or not. If more than one enemy is visible through the dart, it means A isn’t the optimal site to hit. The recon doesn’t cover the common under A and top A areas. Two exposed enemies suggest that one more is likely hiding under shelter or on the top of it. 

This dart can also come in handy mid-round to bait enemies. The defenders may consider rotating or resetting upon noticing Sova’s dart on A site in the middle of the round. Defenders can also use it to retake an area once attackers have planted the Spike. A site split will provide the defenders coming in from A main to attack exposed enemies instantly. All in all, this is an insanely helpful lineup for both attackers and defenders on Fracture. 

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