Upcoming Valorant agent Clove is non-binary

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 18, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

The upcoming Valorant agent Clove, codenamed “smonk,” is non-binary, according to leakers. 

Riot Games makes a point of promoting inclusivity and diversity in Valorant through agents, languages, and tournaments. After confirming Killjoy and Raze as girlfriends, the developer is now highlighting different gender identities, starting with a non-binary agent. 

So far, all Valorant agents use he/she pronouns, but Clove would change that. In a recent email, Deadlock used “they” while talking about upcoming Valorant agent 25, and now leakers have confirmed that minute detail. 

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The upcoming agent could either be a fairy or a human, but so far, the teasers point toward a supernatural being. Of course, the rumored ability to self-revive does confirm that they are Radiant, similar to Pheonix. 

Who is Smonk in Valorant?

Smonk is a codename for Valorant agent 25, Clove.

The word is likely a funny twist on “smoke” since Clove has been confirmed as a controller. While we don’t know much about their abilities, at least the ability names have been leaked by the data miners. Here are the three ability names of Clove:

  • (C) Pick Me Up 
  • (Q) Meddle
  • (E) Ruse

Although it would make more sense for Clove to have a self-revive ultimate, the name of their C ability implies that they can revive themselves casually during the game. Meddle could either be a wall similar to Sage or some sort of a stun. It’s really tough to tell from the vague name. Ruse could possibly be smokes that Clove would use to block out entryways. 

But, from the names, it seems that Clove could also be a mind manipulator, especially if they really are a fairy or a magician. So far, that’s all the information we have about the Valorant agent 25. More will be revealed soon, ahead of Clove’s release during the Valorant Champions Tour: Masters Madrid Finals on Sunday, March 24th, 2024.