Tyler1 is a Masters support in League of Legends after 1.5 weeks

By Nicholas James


Jan 26, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp has reached Masters tier on his fifth role, support, after only a week and a half of playing.

Tyler1 has received much community attention and praise for his climbs to Challenger in four separate roles. He has reached the first major milestone in his journey to achieve the highest rank in all five roles by hitting Masters tier as a support player.

Tyler1 Masters support journey complete

After branching out to jungle, top lane, and mid lane after vocally complaining about the state of marksman champions in League of Legends, Tyler1 has made his way onto the final role.

Support is the furthest from Tyler’s usual playstyle, boisterous and mechanically skilled. He’s more often associated with hard carry champions like Olaf or Draven than Nami or Nautilus.

Nonetheless, achieving Masters on support already shows that Tyler1 isn’t the all-hands, no-brain Draven main fans once saw him as. With an appreciation of each role’s place in the game firsthand, Tyler can leverage years of macro strategy and personal experience to enable his team.

What supports is Tyler playing?

Tyler’s two most-played supports are Nautilus and Karma, though Rakan and Pyke closely follow.

He has accumulated 26 games on Nautilus, 16 games on Karma, 15 on Rakan, and 14 on Pyke. Champions like Rakan, Nautilus, and Pyke make a lot of sense for Tyler1’s playstyle. Each of them offers the agency to land game-winning abilities, as well as packing heavy crowd control to disrupt the enemy team.

It seems like a matter of when, rather than if, Tyler1 reaches Challenger in the support role. After climbing all the way with each role, where will he go next? Starting out as an AD carry player may end up influencing his decision, but Tyler has become just as well known in recent years for top lane and jungle.


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