League of Legends fan makes custom Tyler1 Doctor Mundo skin

By Nicholas James


Dec 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp has already been called the face of League of Legends streaming many times before, but a fan’s new Tyler1 Doctor Mundo skin takes that title to a new level.

Youtuber “A Wild Udyr” released a video showing Tyler1 as League of Legends’ resident insane self-labeled physician, Doctor Mundo. From his signature tank top to a fanny pack full of Bloodrush, this adaptation of Tyler1 is equal parts accurate and ridiculously comical.

Tyler1 Doctor Mundo skin wins community approval

The Tyler1 Doctor Mundo skin caught fans’ attention after being posted on the League of Legends subreddit. Fans were impressed with the work that A Wild Udyr had done to transpose the superstar Twitch streamer onto Doctor Mundo while still making it feel like a somewhat natural fit.

In the video highlighting the custom skin, A Wild Udyr takes the Docter Tyler1 skin for spin with some incredibly successful results.

The goofy, exaggerated movements of the muscle-bound Mundo fit the over-the-top personality that Tyler1 has built for himself over the years. The skin was such a perfect fit, especially when paired with the comedic montage that A Wild Udyr released it with, that it eventually made its way to Tyler1’s stream.

Tyler1’s chat seemed more enthused about the dance anthem-backed montage, but Tyler1 still got a good laugh out of watching a fan sprint around Summoner’s Rift on the tanky mutant.

Tyler1 prasies fan-made skin

Considering the amount of work required to get a good-looking texture for a League of Legends character, Tyler1 seemed appreciative of the work put in to translate him into the game.

While it may have won Tyler1’s approval, custom skins and textures are still a complicated area for Riot’s policy on modifications to the game. While not explicitly banned, many custom skins can trigger Riot Games’ anti-cheat since they modify the base game files.

It’s not advisable to install the skin yourself, but it’s still worth a few laughs to see Tyler1 headbutt a turret repeatedly.


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