Twitch employee criticizes Kick over $100 million deal with xQc

By Olivia Richman


Jun 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Twitch recently lost one of its biggest streamers, Felix “xQc” Lengyel, to controversial rival Kick, and it seems that they may be a little salty.

xQc recently signed a $100 million non-exclusive deal with Kick that stunned the streaming community. While it was exciting news for fans of The Juicer, one Twitch staffer had some harsh criticism over the news, which they shared on xQc’s stream.

xQc responds to Twitch criticism over Kick deal

xQc Twitch

While xQc was streaming, he was bombarded with messages in his chat from a Twitch employee who didn’t seem to agree with Kick’s decision to pay $100 million to sign xQc.

The Twitch staff member said: “I think they need to build a better product before giant streamer acquisitions. I think acquisitions first is putting the cart before the horse.”

xQc immediately reacted to the criticism with some harsh words.

xQc pointed out that there was no way Twitch was perfect when the employee had joined. In fact, Twitch is still trying to make improvements now.

“It was still a work in progress, wasn’t it?” he called out. “Why does everything need to be perfect to be worth anything these days? What do you want from me, you want me to fix the product overnight? What am I supposed to do? You cannot have an instantly perfect product. It will have some kinks, it’s part of the journey.”

His chat’s reaction was mixed over the exchange. Some felt that the Twitch employee wasn’t really making any good points, while others noted that he wasn’t really wrong. A few fans even pointed out that the Twitch employee took the job because he needed one, unlike xQc, so the comparison wasn’t really equal.

Either way, it seems like xQc is happy with his choice so far. While he was scared to make such a big move at first, it seems like he is embracing Kick now and holding his ground on his impactful decision.