xQc frustrated on Twitch

xQc already got in trouble on Kick, here’s what happened

By Olivia Richman


Jun 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Streamers can’t stop pushing the boundaries on Kick and Felix “xQc” Lengyel is the latest to try his luck with the platform’s lax regulations.

xQc recently announced that he’s signed a $100 million non-exclusive deal with Kick, something that he’s been considering for the past few months. While he was originally “scared” of making the big change, it looks like xQc could no longer resist the temptation of Kick’s lucrative 95/5 subscriber revenue split and lax rules.

But during one of his first streams on the new platform, xQc has already risked getting in trouble.

xQc tests Kick’s DMCA policy in latest stream

Kick does have a list of rules and regulations, but a lot of top streamers don’t seem too keen on following them. Adin Ross recently showed his young viewers porn, and now xQc decided to stream the entirety of The Dark Knight.

This was definitely a huge risk for someone of xQc’s magnitude. While many have criticized Kick for its lack of regulation, a member of the Kick team eventually found out about xQc’s risky movie night and shut it down.

An hour into the film, Kick staff pinned a message to his chat that said the stream was violating the platform’s DMCA policy. The staff member then “kindly asked” him to stop live streaming and remove any VODs containing the movie.

“F—, okay, I get it,” xQc responded. “Ah s—, makes sense. VOD friends, gg’s.”

It’s unclear if xQc was truly unclear that he couldn’t stream an entire Batman film or if he was seeing what he could get away with as the biggest streamer on Kick — and in the world. But he did immediately respond to the pinned message and shut off the movie.

Despite the setback, xQc has been having a lot of success on Kick. His fans have rushed over to Kick to support him, and, of course, he has the $100 million deal that is one of the largest in sports history.