Try these best Valorant agents on Lotus to climb ranks

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 24, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The latest Valorant map Lotus isn’t an easy nut to crack. Its complexity puts the skill of the best Valorant players to the ultimate test. These agents can help you win on Lotus.

Valorant map nine Lotus has three bomb points, but that’s not what makes it a challenging locale. The rat corners, small alleys, and flank opportunities can turn a game into a horrorshow if you don’t have the correct agents. We have compiled two best agent compositions you may consider running on Lotus. 

What are the best agents on Lotus? 

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Valorant has four categories, housing agents that suit the playstyle of different players. This is why we have compiled two compositions so you can pick the one that suits you the best! 

Comp #1Comp#2
Jett (duelist)Omen (controller)
Astra (controller)Harbor (controller)
Cypher (sentinel)Fade (initiator)
Kay/O (initiator)Killjoy (sentinel)
Reyna (duelist)Yoru (duelist)

Double duelist setup on Lotus

Comp 1 is a no-nonsense Valorant lineup that instantly increases your odds of winning when used correctly. Essentially, Lotus is a map for support agents, so don’t shy away from replacing Reyna with another initiator, sentinel, or controller. But, an ace-aimer would help break into the site on the back of Jett’s entry, meaning Reyna would be a viable addition to catalyze the attack.

Astra’s global smokes would come in handy to block off-site entrances across the maps. After waiting on the sidelines, she has finally found her home turf in Lotus. Paired with Kay/O’s knife or Cypher’s ultimate, Astra’s Cosmic Divide can be game-changing on both attack and defense.

Finally, Cypher is a must-have on Lotus. You may as well FF in the first round if you don’t have a flank locker like Cypher to count on!

Double controller setup on Lotus

Double controller setups are rare but effective in winning in high ELO. On Lotus, we recommend dual smokers only when picking Harbor or Viper. On large maps like Lotus, these two controllers aren’t necessarily sufficient on their own. Paired with a global smoker like Omen, Harbor would be a game-changer. Thanks to his High Tide, he’s part duelist, so Yoru would also benefit from aggressive support.

Killjoy and Fade would be the staple in this composition. Where Killjoy would watch backlines and lock an entire site with zero support, Fade can gather valuable intel on the attack. She may also help keep aggressive defenders at bay with her Prowler.

Lotus is a map that calls for tight team play and communication. So, while you’re picking the best agents on Lotus, make sure you’re also coordinating with the team. Tackling a large location isn’t a cakewalk and, indeed, not something you can do alone. So, be a good sport and keep your microphone on!

I used to whine a lot about going through it alone, but YKW, I’m gonna go ahead and say that there were many times when I wasn’t alone, and I appreciate my friends for being there for me however they could. They try their best, and I am grateful for them.