TORONTOTOKYO reveals his best Dota 2 mid lane heroes

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 31, 2022

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The best mid lane heroes of Dota 2 7.31 are a mix of magic and physical burst including Lina, Pangolier, and Kunkka, according to Team Spirit.

Late on March 29, Team Spirit revealed its third hero tier list for patch 7.31b. The International champion mid Alexander “TORONTOTOKYO” Khertek claims that Lina is the best hero in the game after an avalanche of buffs in 7.31b. The list also reveals what TORONTOTOKYO truly needs from a mid and which heroes best provide that.

The top tier of the list is Lina, Kunkka, Pangolier, and Death Prophet. All three heroes have excellent burst damage output solid laning stages, and very strong wave clear. All four can notably recover from a poor lane as well, so shutting them down is generally difficult. Other high-tier Dota 2 mid heroes include Invoker, Ember Spirit, and Snapfire. 

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As for the worst mid heroes of Dota 2 7.31, TORONTOTOKYO considers Void Spirit, Puck, and Queen of Pain to be nearly unplayable. It’s not clear exactly what makes them so bad aside from recent nerfs to Queen of Pain and Void Spirit’s Shards and extensive reworks to Puck’s talents. One common trait is that all three must take risks to put their kit into action. The top-tier mid heroes are much safer in execution.

What makes Lina the best mid of Dota 2 7.31?

While solid in the laning phase, Lina was generally considered one of the worst heroes in all of Dota 2 7.30. Many of her favorite items were nerfed after 7.29, and her massive mana costs made it difficult to control the map.

The buffs from 7.31 and 7.31b solved most of those problems. In addition to improved agility and intelligence gains, Lina got a considerable 20 damage buff to Light Strike Array at all levels.

Players are finally starting to realize the potential of Fiery Soul after its rework. Lina can now reach maximum stacks with just a single Dragon Slave against a big creep wave. This helps her save mana and stay active around the map for longer.

The massive mana cost cut to Laguna Blade is also a big deal over the course of a match. Minor talent buffs synergize with the Fiery Soul rework, granting 15 more attack speed and 1% more movement speed overall. The stacks also last slightly longer at 15 seconds.

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Lina’s incredible burst damage is shared with two other heroes in Pangolier and Kunkka. All three also have solid laning stages and can recover from a poor early game with good farming tools. Death Prophet is the odd woman out, but she provides a ton of utility and sustained damage between Silence and Spirit Siphon. In a way, she counters the massive burst damage of the other best 7.31 mid heroes.


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