Here are Dota 2’s best offlane heroes, according to TI10 champ

By Kenneth Williams


Mar 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Team Spirit’s Magomed “Collapse” Khalilov put together a tier list of the best offlane heroes in Dota 2, with Primal Beast sitting at the tip.

The TI10 champion has revealed his tier list for the best and worst offlaners of Dota 2 patch 7.31. New hero Primal Beast sits at the very top as the king of the hard lane. Reasons were not stated, but it’s most likely due to its incredible tankiness and excellent initiation abilities. The bounty changes in 7.31, which greatly rewards ending killstreaks, could also contribute to that ranking.

Late on March 22, Team Spirit outlined Collapse’s opinions on a bunch of traditional offlane heroes. The TI10 grand finals MVP claims that Primal Beast, Sand King, and Pangolier are the best offlaners of Dota 2 patch 7.31. It’s not clear if the list is ordered or not, but the lack of alphabetical order indicates that it is. Other high-tier offlaners include Necrophos, Chaos Knight, Death Prophet, Mars, and Brewmaster.

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The list also reveals which offlane heroes Collapse thinks are weak in the current patch. Legion Commander, Slardar, Axe, and Spirit Breaker are in the very bottom tier. While some of those heroes can work elsewhere, Collapse thinks they are unfit for farm priority in the offlane.

What makes Primal Beast the best offlaner in Dota 2?

Primal Beast’s base kit includes almost everything an offlane hero needs to be successful.

Primal Beast was actually a very underwhelming hero upon release in 7.31, but it quickly shot up the win rates into the respectable high-forties range. It currently sits just a hair below even at 49.92% according to Dotabuff. Shortly after release, Primal Beast received multiple stealth buffs to Trample and increased Uproar stack duration. 

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Collapse after winning The International 2021.

Onslaught is an excellent initiation tool with a built-in stun, and its range makes it great for counter-initiations as well. Pulverize is also very valuable for its low cooldown and high damage. In the current metagame, picking off a big kill streak is a surefire way to start comebacks. Similar to Bane and Fiend’s Grip, Pulverize is excellent for locking down a single target and bursting before the team can respond.

All of this comes in addition to fantastic stats. 26 starting strength with 4.3 gain makes Primal Beast one of the best offlaners for tanking enemy harassment. The Beast’s health pool can reach into the four digits just minutes into the game. All of these traits combined makes him the best offlaner of 7.31 according to Collapse.