TI10 Compendium update turns it into second TI10 Battle Pass

Steven Rondina • October 1, 15:50

Update: Looking for advice on who to choose in your predictions? Check out our TI10 Compendium prediction picks.

There are only five days left before The International 2021 begins, but that isn’t stopping Valve from shipping a huge update to the event’s compendium.

Valve has effectively transformed the TI10 Compendium into a second TI10 Battle Pass, complete with a new set of rewards and skins available to win. Instead of buying one’s way to prizes though, players need to earn them by engaging with TI10 content and performing well in the compendium’s challenges.

Players level up their compendium by earning compendium points, similar to the battle pass with its BP. Compendium points can’t be bought directly, but can be acquired by completing a handful of challenges and correctly completing pre-game predictions. Of course, some of this includes buying TI10 player cards and purchasing talent autograph items.

Valve also confirmed that integration between Dota 2 and Twitch will be returning for TI10. Players will be able to make pre-match predictions through both Dota TV and Twitch, which should allow users to more easily earn points in the compendium and get rewards for staying engaged with the tournament.

New Dota 2 skins added to TI10 Compendium

The prizes in the TI10 Compendium are standard fare for the most part, including loading screens and seasonal teleport effects. The key reward that players will be eyeballing is the TI10 Lineage Treasure.

This is a new chest that offers recolored versions of past premium skins for a variety of heroes. There are nine to collect in all, eight being common skins alongside a very rare Luna skin. The TI10 Lineage Treasure will be sellable on November 18, 2021, which will likely apply to each of the featured skins as well.

At this point compendium points are tough to come by, but players can get a couple of levels by filling out their predictions, buying an autograph pack, and fleshing out their card collections. Players won’t be able to really start collecting treasures until the event starts in earnest.

The International 2021 kicks off on October 7.


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