This Viper ult setup on Pearl guarantees you wins in a 1-on-1

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 15, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A risky new Viper ultimate usable on Pearl has been discovered, and it’s a useful tool for denying retakes. 

Pearl isn’t the type of map where a regular controller can shine. A simple globe of smoke is futile unless you go for a double smoker setup. Luckily, Valorant has a unique controller with a screen that can cover multiple angles simultaneously. That makes Viper one of the best smokers to run on Pearl and this new ultimate setup makes that fact even more profound. 

Pearl’s A site is tighter than B, which is great for Viper. The agent can pull off incredible tricks, using the choke points to her advantage. This new Viper ult setup is risky, but the reward’s worth it. 

Viper ult setup

How to play Pearl A site with Viper 

Players can protect the Spike on Pearl’s A site as attackers by using Viper’s Pit and her Snakebite. Here’s how. 

First, break into A site with this Viper entry setup. Once you have site control, plant the Spike for the front side of the shop. Move towards the Dugout wall and place your pit while aiming at the right side of the stairs. The ultimate will cover the Spike and block out the stairs entrance. A small portion of the poison will slip inside Dugout, creating the perfect hiding spot. 

Jump into the Dugout and hide inside your poison to keep the ultimate running. Keep hiding here and wait for the defuse sound cue. As shown in the video, equip the Snakebite and release it as soon as enemies start defusing the Spike. This guarantees a kill on anyone looking to defuse. 

While this Viper ult setup is viable solo, it’s recommended to do it when you have a teammate alive. Support is crucial when hiding in a risky spot where enemies can attack from multiple angles. The defenders will become aware of Viper’s position after the first Snakebite, so it’s best to have a shooter nearby to delay the defuse. 

What was Pearl’s original name?

The codename for Pearl was Pitt, as there was initially a giant hole in the middle of the map that is now covered with glass in the Plaza. Cascade was also a potential name for the map, but the developer later scratched the idea and went with the name Pearl.