Viper in Valorant

Lock down wins on Pearl with this Viper site entry setup

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 23, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

New Valorant map Pearl is a maze, but not for Viper. The poisonous controller can take site control effectively with her skills. 

Controllers may struggle a bit on Pearl due to the sheer number of site openings. Each smoker in Valorant has a typical spherical smoke that may not be enough on large sites. However, Viper works better than most in solo situations. Her Toxic Screen splits the area in two, making her viable on locations that are otherwise tricky for controllers.

The new map is one that has the potential to become Viper’s home turf. This new Viper setup on Pearl discovered by a Valorant player proves that she can be a deadly attacker in the new locale. 

How to take site control on Pearl with Viper

To break into Pearl’s A site, Viper needs a smoke orb, her wall, and her molotov to finish. 

Viper setup Pearl

This setup begins from A-main. Stick yourself into the pillar’s corner and aim at the bottom of the metal, as shown in the video. Lay down the wall in a way that crosses both entry points into A site. Pay attention to the radar while planting the Toxic Screen. Second, equip the smoke and use the UI to line it up. Your screen’s icon should be aligned with the wall’s intersection. Once you find the sweet spot, toss the launcher. 

The smoke will land on the right of the default container. Pair it with a quick molotov to damage enemies hiding to the container’s left side. Viper’s screen will block off both entrances, whereas the smoke and incendiary will ensure that the back is clean. However, you may want to clear the back side just to be safe. 

This Viper setup on Pearl will ensure a safe plant. Your teammates should still lock angles blocked by the Toxic Screen. The entire scheme also works well post-plant, as those entering to defuse the Spike would be vulnerable. Once you have the Spike planted, you may want to pick the smoke orb and leave it on the Spike. Use the leftover Snake Bite to finish off the defusers. 

Is Viper good on Pearl? 

Viper is useful on Pearl but many smokers have an awkward time on the map without knowing the right tricks.

The poisonous controller is equipped with an extended screen that blocks vision for numerous entry points. Paired with her molotov, Viper can help lock up wins on Pearl.