This Viper setup on Icebox proves she’s still better than Harbor

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The poison handler and second-in-command, Viper, remains the top controller even after Harbor’s recruitment. This new setup for Icebox B-site proves why she’s still the best. 

Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 rolled in with a water-based controller Harbor who is Viper’s twin. Unlike other smokers, Harbor followed Viper’s lead and brought walls and waves to the game. However, he’s still not as viable as the poison handler. Viper’s ability to reuse her kit after a brief countdown makes her irreplaceable, as demonstrated in this all-rounder Icebox setup. 

This new Viper setup on Icebox is unique because it helps take site control and also keeps the Spike protected post-plant. 

Viper’s surefire setup on Icebox B 

Viper Valorant

Using her protracted screen and smoke orb, Viper can help get site entry for the Spike plant. Her utility will ensure that Spike blows. 

First, place down the Toxic Screen from green and run forward. Attach yourself to the block in the middle of the alley and equip the smoke orb. Next, use the UI to line up the crosshair with the crane, as shown in the video. Finally, release the device and activate both abilities to get site control. The wall will block the defender’s spawn view, and smoke will conceal the sights of those in the kitchen window. 

Once the Spike is planted, this same setup will help keep defenders at bay. The window smoke would turn into a one-way if you activated the Spike under the tower. Enemies’ sights will be blocked with the smoke, but their lower bodies will be exposed for shooting. You may also use Viper’s incendiary to burn them off if you don’t feel confident in your aim. 

These types of setups are precisely why Viper remains unmatched in Valorant. Currently, no other controller can replicate the lethal damage and map control that Viper has.