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This Valorant strategy app gives you in-game tips in real-time

By Fariha Bhatti


May 11, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Have you learned tons of Valorant lineups only to blank out during a competitive game? It’s a common problem, but a new Valorant strategy app called Tip Genius can help.

Valorant has 19 agents, and each brings a different set of abilities into the fray. Learning how to use each character is no picnic. So it’s entirely normal to be confused in a ranked game, especially for players who constantly switch between different agents. Players often find themselves lost when enemies shut down their best strats.

Keeping the woes of Valorant players in mind, one player has developed an application that provides live in-game tips. Instead of learning every setup, players can just use this software to see a live demo during a game.

Tip Genius is third-party software that allows players to implement a unique strategy curated by the app in real-time. It is incredibly handy for players who struggle to remember their setups. When you are in the middle of the game, the software tracks the scenario, then creates a live setup and sometimes a lineup. A small window appears in the corner of the screen, playing a video of the best strategy in that live in-game situation.

It may be a bit distracting for some, but players can toggle the size of the small video window to their liking. Moreover, the window appears during the buy phase, allowing players to read it correctly without interrupting combat. This way they can effectively execute the best possible strategy out of 1,500 scenarios included in the application.

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According to the developer, Riot Games has also granted access to Tip Genius to run in the background smoothly.

“Riot has a well-defined process for granting API access and a thriving third-party developer ecosystem. I sent in my detailed plans for the app and just had to wait for the review board to accept it,” benm606 said.

It is usually tricky to run third-party software within the game, so this application may have some limitations. Potential FPS and lag issues are what players are primarily concerned about. The developer has claimed that Tip Genius has a minimal effect on FPS, barely impacting the smoothness of the game.

The app is still new, so tips may not appear for all agents across all maps. But the developer is still working to make it more user-friendly. So far players are grateful that they no longer have to learn lengthy setups only to forget them in high-pressure games.

Tip Genius can be downloaded from Overwolf by following this link.