Here’s how to learn every Valorant agent’s lineups for all maps

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Learning utility lineups in Valorant is now just a few clicks away, as this new website has cataloged all crucial lineups for each agent. 

Utility is key in Valorant. Winning a game at a higher level is impossible without putting smokes and incendiaries to their correct use. However, learning all lineups isn’t a cakewalk, which is why Valorant players have come up with a utility one-stop. 

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Cutthroat first-person shooter Valorant may require strong shooting skills, but its unique agent power feature puts utility at the center. Each character is equipped with a toolkit that can be used creatively, but not everyone has time to experiment with every agent on every map. To rectify this, Giibster has created a comprehensive website that has lineups for almost every agent across Valorant maps. 

Instead of spending hours in custom servers to figure out simple lineups, players only need to hop on to to find the desired setup. The setups are pre-made by other players in video form and then uploaded on the website to ensure that creators get full credit. 

Here’s how you can discover lineups on 

  • Click on this link 
  • Select Valorant 
  • Click on “start your training” 
  • Pick the desired map, for e.g Ascent 

On the left side of the screen are a bunch of settings that allow users to filter by map, agent, skill, side, and difficulty. 

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For example, to discover new lineups for Raze’s Boombot, users need to do the following:

  • Select your agent, e.g. Raze 
  • Pick an ability, e.g. Boombot
  • Choose a difficulty level (sometimes the website will have multiple lineups for the same location) 
  • Click on the minimap

A video will play on the right side with a lineup explainer and guidelines on the radar. Click on different markers to learn various lineups across the maps. This process can be repeated to learn setups for other agents. 

The website is still new and may not have setups for all agents on all maps. However, players can always submit their own creations to expand the directory. This is one of the easiest ways to master the toolkit of an agent without investing too much time.

Users can utilize that time sharpening aim in the practice range. This website is a huge benefit for players that main agents like Viper, Killjoy, or Sova in a higher ELO.