Fortnite gold-themed skins

Hilarious Valorant bug has players asking Riot for Fortnite-style skins

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 7, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Not all Valorant bugs are just frustrating. Some apparently turn your agents into golden characters with music blasting in the background.

Valorant has had plenty of skin-related bugs in the past, but most of them resulted from poor clipping. The recent Champions skin bug is unlike any other, and while it’s royally annoying, it has still inspired an idea among the Valorant players.

A Valorant player shared the bug on Reddit, showcasing a golden Cypher running around the map while Champions theme music played in the background. As if the massive trophy trailing him wasn’t enough to cause clutter on the screen, the loud music made it impossible for players to hear footsteps or any audio within the game.

Riot has already addressed the bug and is likely working on a fix, but players already have wild ideas.

Valorant players want golden skins

The bug looks equally hilarious and frustrating, but it has given Valorant players a wild idea regarding agent skins. While some players are fixated on the annoyingly loud noise in the background, others think Cypher dipped in gold looks fascinating.

Under the orange glow of Sunset, bugged Cypher was still the brightest model on the map. Whether it was the intense music or the luster, players are convinced that gold skins could be a thing in Valorant.

Valorant currently doesn’t have agent skins, but if it ever does, players want Riot to consider Fortnite’s Midas-style gold skins. According to the community, they’d instantly buy those skins for all agents as they are unique from regular agent skins in FPS games.

Valorant bug skin

Although agent skins aren’t a novel concept, the addition of golden skins to Valorant is unlikely to be considered by Riot. Having just one agent adorned in gold while the others sport regular skins could potentially harm gameplay.

But, thanks to a unique get-up for each agent in Valorant, skins could possibly add a nice touch to the game, just not golden ones.