Valorant’s BlastX skin bundle has bug that basically wallhacks

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A new Valorant bug has been making the rounds lately, but this time it isn’t about a problematic agent or map. 

Valorant’s unique and vivid skin line BlastX is at the center of the new bug that provides opposing players with a free wallhack . The bright coloured nerf-gun inspired weapons can expose players through walls, revealing the location in ranked games. 

Riot Games has added tons of in-game cosmetics for players to earn through the battle pass and buy with Valorant points. BlastX is hands down one of the most memorable skin lines in the game thanks to its animated style of animation and colors reminiscent of Nerf toys. Players were quick to grab the bundle from the Valorant market, but they may be regretting their choice due to the latest game-breaking glitch. 

Riot Games’ tactical shooter has previously had various glitches, but the BlastX bug has landed several competitive players in hot water. Most recently, top Brazilian player Aspas was deemed guilty of cheating on stream when he spotted an enemy’s gun through a wall on Ascent. His career was on the verge of destruction until the bug went viral among the players. 

The BlastX series features unwrapping animation whenever players choose to equip a weapon. It turns out that it’s the unwrapping effect that sometimes reveals player positions or leaves a noticeable residue on the screen. 100 Thieves’ professional player Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk confirmed the bug and recommended players to refrain from equipping the skins until a patch is delivered. 

“This is a bug with the Christmas skins when you upgrade them and when you pull out the gun, they show the packaging of the gun through walls. Don’t recommend using that skin until it gets patched,” Said Asuna

After his comment, tons of Valorant players came forward with bug clips that had wrapping paper flying around, agents exposed through walls, and enemy weapons highlighted in red, just like in a wallhack. 

Valorant developer responds to BlastX bundle wallhack bug

Valorant developer oniram first turned down the idea of the bug appearing in Aspas’ case, but evidence from other Valorant players convinced oniram of the possibility. The developer acknowledged the complaints and said that similar reports had been received regarding the BlastX wallhack bug. Oniram assured that the collected evidence is helpful and the issue is being investigated at the back-end. 

“Someone else also shared an instance of this where we could see a spectre with the same issue, not just the silhouette through the wall but also the “tearing and falling” of the paper too. This shouldn’t happen ever and we’ll be looking into it,” Said oniram. 

The game-breaking bug has yet not been patched. Therefore, it’s recommended to pack up your BlastX skins for a while until the developer fixes the issue.