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This Premier feature could end smurfing problem in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


May 2, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant Premier’s air-tight smurf protection has reminded players of the terrible ranked situation, and now they want similar rules in the main game.

Competition just got serious in Valorant with Premier, a queue that paves the way to VCT. It’s currently in beta, but players are already impressed by how Riot is tackling the new mode. No hacker or smurf can set foot into the queues. Of course, there are still bad actors, but the security is 10 times better than ranked.

In order to participate in Premier, players must first register their phone number with their country code. This way, each Premier player is connected to a verified account, with minimal chances of smurfs and hackers entering the queue. Once a number gets into the spotlight for suspicious activities, it’s forever in Riot’s black book. Moreover, one player cannot register twice.

It’s excellent but ranked players now want the same features for competitive Valorant.

“In games like CSGO, you can use a phone number to verify your account and be only matched against other verified accounts. Of course, phone-verified accounts will not eliminate smurfing, but I think it will be a decent enough hoop to reduce incidents,” said A Valorant player.

Valorant players want better smurf protection in ranked

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Premier’s new system has reminded serial ranked players of the terrible smurfing problem in competitive Valorant. According to the players, a similar verification system should be available in ranked too, which is plagued with smurfs creating dozens of different accounts. A contact verification will restrain the smurfs to a considerable extent.

However, most players don’t feel comfortable sharing contact details with a gaming company, a point that Premier has negated. If players still feel unsafe sharing contacts, Riot should create a separate queue for verified accounts. This queue will only feature those registered with a contact number, while others can still enjoy competitive Valorant.

It’s not a completely wild idea and could be implemented in Valorant. But for now, players can enjoy these perks in Premier Mode, which is still in beta.