Valorant Premier

All we know about Valorant Premier Global open beta

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 22, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

Riot Games has finally confirmed the release date of the Valorant premier mode that’d take competition “beyond Radiant.”

Valorant players love a challenge. So after hitting Radiant, players often restart their grind, aiming for the red badge with only certain weapons or agents. Clearly, for some ranked demons, Valorant competitive is easy breezy. Now, Riot has announced a new in-game tournament system for these exceptionally skilled players who’re cut out for more than ranked.

Riot has officially confirmed Valorant Premier Global open beta, and players have many questions about the new game mode.

When is Valorant Premier Global open beta launch?

Valorant Premier Global open beta starts on April 25 and will run until May 23.

Premier has been in Alpha since 2022, but it was only available in Brazil. Now, more players can hop into the advanced competition and compete against players within the division. Officially, the open beta will begin on May 23, but on May 3, Riot will hold a test tournament in all zones as a technical test. But, the competition that impacts standings will begin in the latter half of May.

What is Valorant Premier Global open beta?

Valorant Premier

On April 25, a full-screen takeover will feature Premier, marking the official beginning of the road beyond Radiant. Players can also navigate Premier features on the homepage, second in the list under play.

Valorant Premier, according to Riot, is the path to going pro in its iconic FPS, and Global beta is the beginning. Everyone can test the game mode starting from May 23. During the beta, the mode will be divided into three phases:

  • Enrollment period: Apr 25–28
  • Weekly Matches: April 29–May 20
  • Playoff Tournament: May 21

The beta is using a shorter schedule since there’d likely be fewer players just trying to get the hang of the format. Whereas the original Premier stages are designed to last the duration of a regular VALORANT Act, which is about two months long.

How does Valorant Premier work?

Valorant Premier works differently than competitive mode.

First, players will be required to create a team of five. Unlike ranked, Premier participants can create teams regardless of rank disparity. This means Bronze and Diamond players can be on the same roster. The system will tally average MMR and match you up against teams within your division, which means they are within a consistent range of team MMR thresholds.

Once the game starts, both teams will get a chance to pick or ban a map. The team that doesn’t get to choose a map will decide the first side of the play. After that, all teams within a division that qualify for the tournament are matched into a bracket of a minimum of five and up to 8 teams. Each bracket results in one winning team. If your team loses in the main bracket, you’ll be moved to the Consolation bracket, where you can compete for 3rd place.

Finally, Premier will follow a point system. Meaning each match you play, you earn points towards your Premier score. The team with the highest Premier score will qualify for the playoffs. It’s worth noting that teams earn 100 points for a weekly match win and 25 points for a loss.

Who can play Valorant Premier?

Everyone can play Valorant Premier since the criteria to join is pretty standard and straightforward. Here are all the requirements for individuals and teams to be able to register for Premier.

Valorant Premier
  • Each player should have a verified Valorant accountRanked placement games should be completed. If you’ve already completed placements, you will automatically skip to the next step and see the option to create a team.
  • Each team should have 5-7 players. You won’t be allowed to change players once the weekly games begin.
  • Teams should belong to the same zone (have similar pings)
  • Each team must have a designated team owner.

If your team fulfills this criterion, you should be able to register for Valorant Premier.

Is there Overtime in Valorant Premier?

Yes, Valorant Premier has extended Overtime, but the rules are different from the regular ranked queue.

The first team to reach the 12th-round mark can pick the starting side once the OT begins. Like ranked, teams would be swapped with every round, and the winner would be the team who wins two rounds. If things are still tied up after two sets, sudden death will begin, which will be the ultimate decider. Sudden Death side choice is whatever the team with Overtime Priority chose during OT starting side choice phase.

So, this is all you need to know about Valorant Premier mode to prepare for the beta launch on April 25. Riot has also advised players to enroll sooner to find games more quickly and experience the new mode before it releases in its final form.