This overpowered Omen teleport bug on Split is too deadly

Fariha Bhatti • May 19, 2022 1:00 pm

Omen’s teleport is acting up yet again, taking him to high spots that may provide defenders with unfair intel. 

In the new Valorant patch, Omen has turned into Cypher’s camera, except it’s almost impossible to spot him. Intel-gatherers like Cypher, Sova, and Fade are crucial in Valorant. They are capable of hiding their devices at unreachable points, garnering information for playmakers. However, the game becomes unfair when other agents can do their job by utilizing exploits. 

After the recent Omen model update, the shadowy agent can teleport himself into an unplayable area on Split in the latest bug. While he can not necessarily kill an enemy from this area, the information he can learn from the spot may turn out to be crucial for the defenders. 

Omen teleport bug on Split turns him into Cypher’s camera

Omen’s teleport is one of his most essential powers, as only a few other agents can do the same. However, the agent can sometimes become an actual ghost, getting into unplayable spots. This new bug highlighted by a player named Sweaty Immortal Cypher has shown that he’s once again hiding behind the shadows. 

The video shows Omen slipping inside Split’s A tower. An aperture in the building creates a clean angle for him to peak at enemies and transfer info to teammates. He may be able to fire a bullet or two from this bugged spot, but eliminating an enemy looks unlikely. However, it’s a game-breaking bug that may allow defenders an edge over enemies. Even attackers can utilize this exploit in post-plant situations to guard the towers. 

When tested it, it still seemed to work smoothly two days after the video surfaced. It’s a pretty significant bug, so players had expected a hotfix, but it still stays the same. The lineup isn’t tricky either and begins from a safe spot, confirming that it’s a deadly bug. Players can instantly get to safety and deliver information while they’re at it. 

Players are now requesting Riot to deliver a fix for this exploit as it’s replicable. Since Omen isn’t observable from this high area, enemies can utilize it throughout the round. The developer may deliver a fix for it soon, but until then, players may want to be on their guard while playing from the towers. 


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