Omen's character model

Riot has updated Omen’s character model in Valorant, fans react

By Fariha Bhatti


May 14, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has quietly made some changes to Omen’s character model, and Valorant players love it. The new Omen has more detailing with a sharper purple cape. 

Riot Games has added nine agents to Valorant since the game’s open release in 2020. Consistent patches have kept these agents fresh and up to date with the ever-changing meta. But, some agents look a bit outdated to the playerbase.

The developer has a keen eye on how each agent fits in the current Valorant roster. Considering the importance of visuals and style, Riot has decided to tweak Omen’s appearance to keep him fashionable and meta. 

The phantom of a man with mysterious origins has received some style and bodily changes that’d better fit the current protocol. Here’s how the new Omen looks. 

What are the changes in the new Omen model? 

The new Omen is much slimmer with a detailed armor and chest area. The color of his cape has also received subtle tweaks. 

Blog post image

Credible Valorant data miner Shiick shared the model changes, which received a positive response from Omen mains. The image featured a new model with armor with more detailing and belt straps. Along with that, a new glowy device is much more evident on his shield. Previously, this device was likely hidden by a double armor, but it is now out in the open. It’s unknown what the purpose of his oval glow is, but it surely adds to Omen’s new style. 

Other changes aren’t notable apart from his cape’s color, which is much more vibrant now. Riot has likely added more blue to the fabric, making his overall look appear more fresh and colorful. His shoes have also received some tweaks in the form of laces and detailing. Finally, the glow in his eye also seems to have dimmed compared to the old model. 

Omen players love the new changes, considering his old appearance lacked some depth. The developer had recently refreshed his kit to be more quick and adaptive to the Valorant meta. These new changes will only tempt more players to give this original controller another shot. 

Who is the best controller in Valorant?

Since the release of patch 2.09, Viper is undoubtedly leading the charge in the controller category. The poisonous agent deals damage while blocking off large areas with her deadly globe of smoke and a lengthy screen. Omen post-buff is also a viable pick on large maps.