Deadlock Valorant

This new Deadlock counter is too good to be true

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Barrier Mesh is the deadliest tool in all of Deadlock’s toolkits. But it’s possible to counter it without emptying a whole clip.

The latest Valorant agent is perfectly balanced, slightly inclining towards being underpowered. However, she’s relatively viable for a sentinel. While the rest of her abilities may seem a bit underwhelming, Barrier Mesh is the star of Deadlock’s toolkit. The wall’s life and health make it overpowered, but this trick can help tackle it.

It’s possible to destroy Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh without wasting a single bullet. The only catch is you must be a Deadlock yourself.

How to destroy Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh

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A player named naitofuyuri30 has discovered the key to getting rid of Deadlock’s wall without mindlessly shooting at it. It’s unclear if it’s a feature or a bug, but placing Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh on top of the enemy’s wall will instantly cancel out the ability, paving a way into the site.

To do this, players must equip Deadlock and toss the device at the corner of the enemy’s wall. The enemy Barrier Mesh will instantly shut down, and you’ll have a few seconds to slide into the barred area before yours goes up. It’s a bit challenging to time, but this trick works every single time on enclosed angles.

Your teammates will also have a few seconds to follow suit, but if you miss even a beat, the wall will go to waste, and you’ll once again be blocked by your own Barrier Mesh.

Now, it’s unknown if this is an intentional feature or a bug. It operates like a bug, but it won’t be too surprising if this is intentional, considering Sage can also counter her twin’s Barrier Orb by placing down her own wall. In any case, players are glad they have some sort of counter to Deadlock’s most stubborn ability, Barrier Mesh.