This lineup lets Fade hang a whole team from a ceiling on Haven

By Fariha Bhatti


May 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Fade’s kit may appear deadly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be funny sometimes. This new Fade lineup on Haven leaves enemies swinging off the ground on any attempted C push. 

The latest recruit to the Valorant roster is fierce, heartless, and has scary powers. The initiator can be a menace to dodge as her cats are all-seeing while the Terror Trails follow enemies across the map. It’s safe to say, Fade is the deadliest initiator in the Valorant roster. 

Players have found hilarious lineups for Fade’s Seize that sure make her less scary. While everyone knew her Q ability has a rubber band effect, players have discovered a bungee cord feature that suspends enemies. However, it doesn’t work on all maps and spots. A few locations can bungee enemies, making them an easy target for Fade and the team. 

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How to use this Fade Seize lineup on Haven 

Seize is Fade’s Q ability and it’s used to slow down and decay enemies. On Haven’s C site, a defending Fade can pause a hard push by throwing this lineup towards long. 

For this lineup, jump on top of the green Radianite boxes placed in the middle of point C. Place your crosshair on the metal, as shown in the video. Equip your Q ability and toss the knot using the UI as your final lineup. The ball will get stuck on the roof of point C long, creating a rubberband web. The wires hanging from the knot will catch the attackers, sweeping them off the ground. 

The bungeed attackers would be entirely vulnerable. Ideally, the Fade will have another teammate nearby with AOE attacks to deal huge damage. This lineup should allow for early lockdowns of the C site and help rack up kills and assists. To squeeze all the juice out of this lineup, pair Seize with Haunt or Sova’s dart. If you spot enemies outside C, toss the knot to catch enemies while they rush. 

Is Fade a good agent on Haven? 

Fade is one of the best characters to pick on Haven.

It’s a large location, so intel gathering is important. Fade is a great pick as she offers various ways to expose enemies and their tactics on a map like Haven.