How to play Fade in Valorant?

How to play Fade, the newest agent in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 28, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

After months of anticipation and mystery, Fade is finally here, and she didn’t disappoint. Her kit is definitely viable to climb the ranks in Valorant. But how best do you play her? We can help.

Fade’s teasers made it clear that she is entering as a direct competitor to all the intel gatherers in Valorant. She was impossible to track down and had caged both Cypher and Sova, the game’s top spies. All of this pointed to Fade bringing advanced tools to find information. Her tools aren’t based on cutting-edge technology, but they’re dark and valuable to her team. 

The Turkish bounty hunter brings a dark magic to Valorant that may even replace Sova’s trailblazing gear. Here’s how to play use of her abilities in ranked games. 

How to use Fade’s Prowler

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Prowler is Fade’s animal that follows enemies and nears their sights upon impact. For 250 creds, the cat hunts for enemies for 3 seconds and blinds them for 3.5 seconds. 

The Prowler can be controlled using the mouse. If you already have a rough idea about the enemy’s position, you can blind them by releasing a cat. Make sure the enemy is within the Prowler’s periphery as the cat doesn’t spot enemies if they’re not already trailed or are in plain sight. For example, if enemies are behind you and use Prowler, the cat will not automatically follow them unless you control it. Simply put, the purpose of a cat is to blind nearby enemies within its line of sight. 

You may squeeze the full juice out of Prowler by pairing it with Terror Trail. Fade’s other abilities drop trails on the ground to reveal the enemy’s position. If a Terror Trail is at a close enough distance to Fade, a deployed Prowler would instantly detect and pursue it. That trail will be highlighted while Prowler is equipped.

How to use Fade’s Seize

Seize is pretty similar to Astra’s pull. For 200 creds, Seize draws in all five enemies within a radius that extends up to 6.58 meters. Tethered agents will be deafened and unable to move beyond a set distance away from the knot. 

It’s the simplest ability in Fade’s kit as it requires only a quick toss. Fade can use it to draw out opponents from corners and put them in her teammates’ crosshairs. Enemies will be at their most vulnerable when they’re tethered, unless they can teleport. This ability pairs well with such agents as Killjoy, Viper, and Brimstone, who can deal heavy damage against pulled characters. 

How to track enemies with Fade

Haunt is easily Fade’s best ability. Using her trailing eye, the agent can track enemies within 30 meters for 2 seconds. Tagged enemies will remain tracked for 12 seconds, making this a potent ability. 

It’s worth noting that Haunt only works when enemies make direct eye contact with the watcher. The eye won’t work on enemies hiding behind barriers. In order to spot Fade’s enemies, Haunt must be tossed in plain sight. All enemies around the Haunt will be tagged by Terror Trail as long as there’s no barrier protecting them. You may pair the trail with Prowler to blind and terrorize your enemies. 

How to use Fade’s ult

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Fade’s ult works better when paired with the rest of her kit. All enemies within a 40-meter area will be deafened and have their health decayed by 75 HP for 12 seconds. 

The ult works best on larger maps with fewer choke points. It’s easier to take down decayed enemies when they’re vulnerable out in the open. Enemies within the area remain marked and deafened for 12 seconds, which is more than enough time to push in and take over. If you release a Prowler during your ultimate, the deafened enemies will also lose vision, making taking them down easy. 

Fade is undoubtedly a refreshing addition to the initiator roster in Valorant. She could potentially replace Sova, the golden boy of intel, who has proven crucial on the attacking side. Fade has similar features that make her a viable pick to break open sites.