This latest Viper wallhack is the most OP bug to date

Fariha Bhatti • January 13, 13:45

Viper is known for pulling crazy tricks, but this new bug might be the most overpowered one so far.

As if Viper’s ultimate wasn’t already too strong, players keep finding new glitches that make her invincible. This new Viper ultimate bug provides her with a wallhack and a safe spot to hide in. Similar glitches were found on other maps, but this Breeze Viper wallhack bug may be the most powerful.

The vast, open environment of Breeze doesn’t allow many agents to shine on this map. But it’s Viper’s best map due to her extensive barrier and smokes that are rechargeable. The agent can run around the map with her kit while locking down a site. She was already viable on Breeze, but this new ultimate glitch makes her OP.

The wallhack ult works on B site’s pillar. The agent can see inside the hazy smoke in her poison pit while enemies would be blind-sighted. To top it all off , the agent can take cover in a tiny ult-less pit, ensuring that opponents can’t see her even if they step closer. However, she must step back inside before the poison tank depletes.

Viper wallhack bug on Breeze is game-breaking

This trick starts from the pillar’s left side. It covers Spike planted for default and ensures enemies entering from B-short and main can’t lurk anywhere around the bomb. It’s challenging to replicate since players must find the perfect spot between ult barriers to get a clear vision. However, it’s not impossible to execute. Using this ult, not only can Viper lock down an entire site, she becomes a menace for enemies trying to outplay her.

Similar Viper wallhack bugs have been discovered recently, so it’s actually becoming a considerable problem at this point. The developer might roll out a hotfix for this particular glitch as it’s too unfair. The agent isn’t supposed to have crystal clear vision inside the pit, but she can pull off this trick on multiple maps. Viper mains are currently having a field day, but it’d likely get fixed soon.

The developer has already promised various fixes for the upcoming patch. Viper may also receive tweaks to her kit once and for all.


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