Kay/O incendiary trick

This Kay/O incendiary trick on Ascent destroys Killjoy’s ultimate

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 24, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s war machine Kay/O hasn’t seen much playtime since the release, but this new Kay/O incendiary trick may change that. The Radiant killer has an antidote for Killjoy’s creations. 

Killjoy is a game-changer on Ascent. The detainer can lockdown large areas using her ultimate, creating a safe route for her teammates. Detecting and destroying her cage is crucial to gain back control, but it’s incredibly tricky to do so. This cheeky lineup by Fnatic’s Jake “Boaster” Howlett can help deal with Killjoy’s tactics. 

Kay/O is often picked for his flashes. His incendiary is rarely the reason behind his rare appearances in ranked games. Boaster has demonstrated the viability of his shock incendiary in a recent match against BBL esports. 

How to use Kay/O to counter Killjoy

The professional player equipped his incendiary to destroy Killjoy’s Lockdown, pausing the attacker in their tracks. A site take is a cakewalk if you have Killjoy, but this counter can deny the control. Boaster threw the incendiary from the garden, which landed on top of the Lockdown device, destroying it in two shocks. Reading Killjoy’s ultimate can be tricky, but this was a common placement. Most players plant their device on the corner of A lobby, and Boaster was prepared. 

The lineup begins from the outside garden window and drops accurately on the device. However, it must be tossed as soon as possible. The fireball lingers for three seconds in the air and takes two more seconds to destroy the device. It’s a bit risky to execute this lineup flawlessly as time is of the essence. Wasting a beat would result in a complete site take and multiple teammates detained. 

But it’s a pretty simple lineup that’s easy to learn. So, if you’re a Kay/O player and you notice enemy Killjoy’s ultimate activated, you may want to play from the garden. Toss the grenade as soon as the Lockdown begins. This will put a stopper on the enemy’s hard push in a blink. 

Is Kay/O good on Ascent? 

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Kay/O isn’t necessarily the best pick on Ascent, but he can be helpful. The Initiator has an ultimate that’s most viable on larger locations. Paired with a flash, he can assist in getting site control by disabling the enemies. His knife is another ability that comes in handy on Ascent’s sky-openings.