Kay/O bug

This insane Kay/O bug could actually work as an intended buff

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s robot is malfunctioning, but players like it. Kay/O has started controlling its movement in downstate, which could potentially be the new buff Kay/O needs to be viable.

Kay/O is equipped with a knife that forces overpowered agents to use their guns. Despite his unique kit, he isn’t seeing much playtime, and players think this new bug could help him.

Kay/O was Riot Games’ attempt at fixing the game meta smudged with extraterrestrial abilities. The Radiant hater entered with the power to disable the enemy’s kit, becoming the ultimate game-changer. However, he may still not be powerful enough compared to other agents. A new bug has been making rounds that players think would be a valuable buff.

When Kay/O is shot down in his suppressing ultimate, he enters a downstate. He stays alive for 15 seconds before teammates can revive him back to life. Kay/O stays stationary during his downstate while he waits to be re-stabilized. But this new bug makes him extremely OP as he can control his movement and get intel while he’s dying.

In a clip of the discovered bug, a downed Kay/O is sliding across the A tower, which is not an in-game mechanic. The agent then crawls towards the window and drops down so that Sage can re-stabilize his core. All this while, Kay/O had a clear vision of all angles that he moved in. This allowed him to share intel with teammates and move to safety himself.

New Kay/O bug makes him too OP

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It’s unknown whether this bug is replicable or not, but it’s potent. The game-breaking bug defeats the whole purpose of drawing teammates into the danger zone in order to revive Kay/O. The Initiator can get to safety using this glitch and slither towards his teammates without any risk. It’s not an intended feature, making this an incredibly insane bug.

However, players aren’t complaining. Considering his valuable kit that lacks a kick, players believe that this bug could actually help him get picked. This bug could be an intended feature, convincing players to run him in competitive. Kay/O’s revive feature currently doesn’t significantly impact the game since players avoid re-stabilizing him due to high risk. This new bug could change that.

Kay/O buffs aren’t currently on the card of the developer, so it’s unlikely this will happen any time soon. Since this glitch is too OP, it might get patched up in the coming updates despite player requests.