This is the best and easiest way to take Cache’s A bombsite

By Nick Johnson


Jul 20, 2020

Reading time: 6 min

After Valve released the reworked version of Cache, the popular map pick quickly found its way back into the hearts and minds of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players.

The map is famous, thanks at least in part to its callouts famously named after pro players. No one can forget James Bardolph’s “This isn’t FPL, s1mple, this a Major” casting call after Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s crazy highlight play all the way back in 2016.

But despite the map’s popularity, CSGO matchmakers still find themselves stumped by the A bombsite. The first problem is the sheer number of ways the CTs can defend the site. Some teams like to have two players hold A proper while one watches highway from spools. Other teams just post an AWPer in mid and call it a day, but the uncertainty of it all can be overwhelming for attacking players trying to clear the site.

In order to make it out into the site, Ts must pass through a great number of angles to make any headway. Today, we’re going to show a standard execute into Cache’s A site. At most, players will need just one other person willing to cooperate to pull the execute off. In the best situation, meaning the situation with right smokes and hitting some flexible timings, the A site can be much easier to take.

Cache’s easy A site executes explained

While most players know how to smoke off truck, any A site take in CSGO matchmaking can be ruined by a CT sitting in one the most expected spots on site: NBK. For those new to CSGO, the spot takes its name from French pro Nathan “NBK” Schmidt and his brilliant performances over the years in this little corner of the map.

Since the position can be so problematic for attackers, the plan here is to take care of it immediately. These three smokes create a wall across the A site, and when combined with a popflash and a tightly angled Molotov, gives the Ts the ability to put all of their attention towards emptying NBK’s famous corner.

The first step is learning the three grenades thrown from inside of A main itself.

CSGO’s Cache Truck Smoke

It’s important to note that all of these smokes land very quickly. They could all be thrown and around the same time and are relatively easy to nail. This is what it looks like when it’s all finished.

Blog post image

The first smoke is the easiest. It’s the traditional truck cross smoke that almost everyone knows. Align with the middle line of the boxes just outside the door before giving the grenade a running throw.

Blog post image

The second is slightly more complicated. It’s thrown from partway between T spawn and squeaky and cuts off the the back of the site from highway. This smoke is important for two reasons. It greatly limits the movements of any CTs still on site, and allows for the possibility of a late highway lurk to be more effective. Combined with the single flash and one Molotov show below, Ts should be on site with little trouble.

To popflash the A site, line up against the wall shown below in A main, aim to the center of the metal box on the roof, and use a medium throw.

Blog post image

Blog post image

This flash is devastating to anyone holding an angle into A main. As players can see from the other side, the flash is visible for less than a second before it pops.

Blog post image

The Molotov is the one that everyone throws, but it rarely gets deep enough to fully cover off cubby. Luckily, that’s an easy problem to solve. Line up against the cart and box alongside the A main wall, aim at the doorframe, and then run and throw. The Molotov has just the perfect angle that it spreads almost all the way to the right boxes. 

Blog post image

Once out, its only a matter of checking corners and hitting shots on as they make their way onto the site.

But this execute really only works one way. All of the smokes must be thrown at almost exactly the same time. Both T spawn smokes make no noise before landing, and they bloom almost immediately. “Shock and awe” tactics only work if they’re a surprise. The timing isn’t hard to judge. 

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Smoking Cache’s catwalk and mid site from T spawn

Blog post image

Both of these smokes are thrown from the same spot. Players will need to jump and throw the smoke that lands on catwalk, but the second throw is a simple left-click.

First, players should wedge themselves in this corner between this pallet and the wall. To smoke off catwalk, aim in the middle of the broken down sign like so and jumpthrow. We’ve included the radar for reference.

Blog post image

The mid site smoke is even easier than that. At the top of the telephone poll there are several cylinders. Don’t worry, they aren’t solid. Players can just line up their crosshair like so and left-click to throw right through.

Blog post image

These smokes are what hold the execute together. In modern CSGO, CTs are more comfortable with not panicking when they’re smoked off from something. But they’re not going to enjoy being stuck inside that smoke. A soon as the flash and the Molotov go out, the team needs to be moving in. If there’s time, another Molotov thrown into the now flashed NBK corner should clear the way.

Plus, there aren’t any smokes inside the site. Practically, this means that it’s much easier for a team of five to take A when they don’t have to worry about truck, highway, or even A main while executing.

Take a look from above. Attacking players are given clear lanes to clear out defenders, while CTs holding from opposite angles are cut off by smokes.

Blog post image

By cutting off the CT’s long-range options and the cheeky catwalk lurk, the T side has given themselves every opportunity to take the round. Since the strat only uses three smokes, a single Molotov, and one flashbang, there’s still enough utility on a fully-bought T side to then resmoke highway and truck, molly truck, or even get aggressive if they feel like that’s the correct play.

But beware, because the CT’s have a trick of their own up their sleeves.

Here’s how to Molotov CSGO’s default plant site on Cache

Everyone’s been there on Cache’s CT side: constantly rotating to A just to call a save seconds later. But if teammates on the A bombsite manage to delay long enough that the player arrives just as the bomb is going down, here’s a great surprise that the CTs can throw.

Blog post image

Blog post image

The player needs to wedge themselves in between the crooked tire on the truck at the top of CT speedway and left-click an incendiary grenade while aiming just at the end of the crane. In CSGO, where’s there’s an execute, there’s a counter. If this throw is made correctly, these will be some toasty attackers.


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