This new pop flash blinds almost every angle in Inferno’s B site

Nick Johnson • April 10, 06:00

Every once in a while, a new grenade toss appears for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Whether it’s Astralis’ crouch walk-throw from T spawn to smoke the mid window on Mirage, or Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski’s long range connector smoke on Cobblestone, a good throw lineup is worth its weight in gold.

It seems there’s at least one more grenade players can add to their list of god-teir lineups. A reddit user found what might be the fastest and most savage pop flash for Inferno’s B site we’ve ever seen anyone throw, and it’s almost one of the quickest and easiest flashes to remember and execute. 

Inferno’s new pop flash is easy and effective

After lining up in between the two windows on the right side of banana, the player aims at the corner of the roof of the tall building that makes up the back of B site and left clicks. The resulting effects are more than enough to get the entire attacking team into B.

What makes the flash so deadly is there are very few places that are safe from it. Pillar, dark, first oranges, and boost are the only positions even remotely safe. Check it out below.

Inferno can be tricky. Most smokes and flashes require the player to put themselves in harm’s way in order to land the nade.

This flash, thrown from about halfway up banana, is as safe as a player can get on the map. If the T side can force the defenders off car, this flash might be one of the best you’ll see in CSGO.

A $200 dollar flashbang has always been one of the most important items players could buy in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but players will get more bang for their buck out of this one than any other. Even when everyone gets accustomed to it, the flash still limits the positions available to B site defenders. 

Inferno's new B popflash is a real problem for CT players

It will be even more exiciting to see how pro players deal with this new flash. There’s potential for even more early-round banana aggression than there already is from the CT side. If the defenders have banana control, attackers can’t throw what some are already calling the “god nade.” 

Another alternative is a more passive hold from CT spawn and construction, which may well mean there are more five versus five retakes coming in competitive play ranging from ESL Pro League to Silver. Players will have to wait and see how it all shakes out, but once the community at large learns about it, Inferno’s B site is going to be the last place anyone wants to play.


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