Sage exploit on Split

This insane Sage exploit on Split blocks mid in a brand new way

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 24, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Battle Sage players have discovered a new one-way wall that locks down Split’s middle area in a unique way. 

Valorant’s first healer Sage is equipped with passive powers that allow her to keep hostile enemies away. Her wall is designed to minimize damage and the opportunity for duels, but battle Sage players are built differently. This new exploit on mid-area transforms Sage into a deadly duelist. 

Sage’s robust wall is a must-have on Split. Teams often pick the healer on this map to block out the middle, which is easily accessible for attackers. While enemies struggle with breaking the wall, a team’s defense can rotate to necessary points and prepare to fight. This new wall serves the same purpose of keeping enemies away from mid, but it requires Sage to pick her battles. 

Instead of placing a horizontal wall, you can create a vertical wall adjacent to the right side of the mid. Make sure you’re standing right behind the metal crate to boost at the precise right spot. A small metal ledge will hide your head, providing a clear view of the attacker’s mid-side. You can take the enemy down by surprise and take out multiple enemy players. 

There are a few downsides to this wall. Firstly, this trick isn’t reusable. Enemies may be too surprised to fire back the first time, but since the player model is visible from either, they can quickly shoot back once they know it’s coming. Secondly, if Sage misses her first shots, her teammates are left exposed and vulnerable from mid. 

Other than these issues, this Sage wall is likely an exploit in Valorant. It’s insanely overpowered when used correctly. Sage can boost death-dealing agents like Raze on her wall, who can shoot down her bazooka to take down multiple enemies at once. Reyna boosted on her ultimate is also highly overpowered. The developer would likely take notice and remove this exploit from the game. 

What’s battle Sage in Valorant? 

Sage is a passive agent purposed for healing. A Sage that engages in fierce duels is referred to as battle Sage. Some players pick Sage to user her walls to boost onto elevated angles. Conversely, a pocket Sage is someone whose main purpose is healing teammates and thus focuses on playing more passively.