Valorant terminology

Valorant terms and phrases that everyone should learn

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant, like any other first-person shooter game, has a loyal player base that communicates in a specific language. We have compiled a list of Valorant terms and phrases that everyone should learn. 

Riot Games’ dipped its toes in the FPS realm with animated shooter Valorant in 2020. Since then, the game has roped in a large chunk of players from competitor FPS and other genres, becoming one of the most popular games in 2020. With its budding esports and cut-throat ranked experience, Valorant continues to expand its player base. 

The game is still new, so players have taken it upon themselves to develop new Valorant terminology. Valorant lexicon is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a few new community labels for agent abilities. Here are key Valorant terms and phrases that new comers might want to learn.

Valorant terms and phrases  

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ADS – Any weapon’s secondary fire or zoom-in is called ADS, a short for “aim down sight.” 

Anti-eco – A team that anti-ecos will buy efficient weapons against a team that is saving or doing an eco. 

Battle Sage – Sage is a passive agent purposed for healing. A Sage that engages in aggressive duels is referred to as Battle Sage. 

Bomb – Another word for Spike. 

Car – Community term for Raze’s Boombot. 

Comms – Short for communication or callouts. 

Dog – Community term for Skye’s Trailblazer (tiger).  

Default – Jumping into a round as attackers without thought-out strategies and waiting for the other team to make a move. Also called “play for picks.” 

Force-buy – Buying when your team has a limited amount of money against a team with a high lead. 

Flank – When enemies attack from the backlines. 

Glass Canon – Buying an expensive weapon like an Operator without armor. 

OP – Short for Operator.

Roza ult – The inability to land a kill or help teammates benefit from Raze’s launcher. The term was made most famous by professional Valorant player Subroza, who failed to covert the Raze ult into a kill. 

Peeker’s advantage – An aggressive peeker often sees an enemy behind cover slightly before the enemy sees them. It’s a common lag issue in Valorant. 

Pennable – This term is used frequently by Valorant developers for boxes and objects that are penetrable or allow wall bangs.

Pocket Sage – A Sage whose sole purpose is healing teammates and playing extremely passive. 

Rez – Community term for resurrection, Sage’s ultimate. 

Roomba – Community term for Raze’s Boombot.

Stack – When all five or most players camp on one side of the map. 

Silver peek – Refers to a tiny gap created by sandwiching two things and making an advantageous line of sight.

ThriftyThrifty is a winning title attained when the team outplays the enemy by investing in a cheaper arsenal. 

TP – Short for Teleport. 

Utility – Another word for abilities.