Viper bug on Icebox

This game-breaking Viper bug on Icebox requires a hot fix

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 9, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Viper is once again breaking the meta on Icebox with a Toxic Screen that tricks enemies into her crosshair. 

Icebox is Viper’s home turf. No other controller in Valorant handles the icy tundra as well as Viper, thanks to her site-splitting Toxic Screen. Her smokes do a great job at keeping bomb sites secure on defense and make them tough to hold while she’s on offense. Simply put, Viper doesn’t need game-breaking bugs to be viable on Icebox. She’s already pretty powerful

Still, players continue to find loopholes to make her stronger. Literally, in this case. This new glitch creates a small crevice in Viper’s Toxic Screen, creating a deadly one-way smoke. 

Game-breaking Viper bug on Icebox 

Viper’s Toxic Screen on Icebox works best on point A. It blocks the maze, ultimately restricting entry onto the site. However, this unique wall lineup doesn’t sit flush on the wall and gives Viper a small window to look through. It blocks the enemy’s view of the site but creates a one-way for the defenders. 

This rare bug has been used in pro play as well. Tournament organizers have banned it, but it still exists in the game. It’s game-breaking because it doesn’t require any rocket science or teamwork. A simple first lineup leaves a gap on top of the generator, creating a clear line of view against attackers on top of A ramp. Defenders can easily pick off attackers by jumping atop the green crate while defending the site through the Toxic Screen.

The Operator is the most powerful weapon in Valorant in the hands of the right agent and it’s easy to see how valuable it is with this lineup. If the defenders are using a rifle to exploit this bug, they can get kills or valuable information. For all these reasons, the bug requires a hotfix to make Viper less overpowered on Icebox. 

Who is the upcoming agent in Valorant? 

The next Valorant agent could Indian, as players have long requested Riot Games to add a character from the country. It won’t be a surprise if Varun ends up being agent 21, considering the diverse nationalities in the game. Agent 21 will likely be a controller, but not much is known about the exact nature of their kit.