Viper's ult in Valorant

There’s finally a viable counter for Viper’s ult in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Viper has one of the deadliest ultimates in Valorant with her ability to blind and damage enemies with toxins, but she does have a counter. 

Valorant has 19 agents, but Riot has carefully crafted the roster to ensure game balance. If one agent is too powerful, another agent should be a direct counter to them. Some checks are apparent, while others are tricky to execute. As Valorant ages, players continue to find new ways to play older characters. Viper is one of the original controllers in the game and has been a force throughout most of Valorant’s life, and new ways to tackle her are being discovered. 

Yoru hasn’t been the hotshot he was presented as in the trailers. Still, he’s got some tricks up his sleeve. Players have discovered a new Yoru trick that lets him fight Viper’s ult in Valorant.

Viper's ult in Valorant

How to counter Viper when she ults in Valorant 

When an enemy steps into Viper’s ultimate, they instantly become vulnerable. The molotov quickly finishes off low-health enemies and they can’t do much when dealing with reduced vision. These features make her one of the deadliest agents in Valorant, especially on small maps. There are a few counters for Viper’s ult, but this Yoru trick works best. 

Lothar has highlighted a play that helps teammates take the Viper down. Yoru’s ult allows him to get into dangerous territory as he turns invisible and invincible. There’s not much he can do with his power to see the foes. But that doesn’t mean his teammates can’t help. 

Lothar demonstrated that players could capitalize on the information garnered by Yoru scouting with his ultimate. As soon as Lothar spotted Viper, he called for his teammates’ to fire on him. The attackers shot in Yoru’s direction, ultimately killing Viper and diffusing the poison. Yoru’s Dimensional Drift form allowed the bullets to pass through, landing on Viper. 

This trick turns Yoru into a target, helping teammates shoot at otherwise invisible enemies. Players can use his ult to shut down Viper’s ult in a matter of seconds. While there are other ways to tackle her ult, Yoru’s trick is the best one so far.

Is Yoru a good agent to run on Pearl? 

Yoru can pull off wild flank tricks that may confuse enemies on the winding maps like Pearl. His pop flashes can help a great deal on the attacker side and can help his team break onto the bomb points. His teleports may also convince players to pick him on Pearl.