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This game-breaking glitch is why Valorant queues are disabled

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant competitive queues have been disabled to tackle a game-breaking flash bug. 

Valorant has plenty of long-standing bugs that don’t necessarily meddle with gameplay. In each patch, the developer makes a note of tackling these exploits. However, some bugs are more urgent than others and require an instant fix. A similar bug has been discovered that prevents agents from getting blinded by tweaking an in-game setting, and trolls are milking it as much as they can.

Players have come across a game-breaking flash bug in Valorant that is dangerously easy to replicate. Riot Games has taken notice, disabling queues until it’s gone. 

Riot disables queue to tackle deadly flash bug

Riot Games has paused all Valorant queues to deal with a game-breaking flash bug that has existed for a while. However, players have discovered a new way to reproduce it that’s much easier, prompting Riot to take urgent action. 

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Recently, a player named sw1ze highlighted that a minor change in the hud settings removes the flash effect from Valorant. Before this discovery, players were tinkering with scoreboard screens to dodge the blinds of Skye, Kay/O, Pheonix, and more. However, this new setting made replicating a potentially game-breaking bug easier. It doesn’t require complex lineups. Instead, just one setting change can make you immune to blinds. 

The replicability makes it too deadly. Upon testing, the exploit worked every time, urging Riot to take quick action. 

The bug doesn’t work for Omen or Fade, but it’s still pretty huge. By changing a small setting, players can completely get rid of the peril that flashes are in Valorant. Players have exploited it silently, proving it to be a deadly bug. Fortunately, Riot took instant notice, leading to a queue disable in Valorant a few hours later. 

Competitive queues in Valorant have now been disabled to find a fix for the flash bug in Valorant. The queues may remain disabled for the next few hours, but no official ETA has been revealed. Players should expect at least a day before Riot turns competitive back on. 

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