Omen TP bug on Ascent

Omen TP bug on Ascent is breaking Valorant competitive

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Omen’s teleport is acting up again, but it’s likely the map’s fault this time. Ascent B main is letting him inside walls with an advantageous view after using his TP.

Ascent is known for its thin walls. Most objects on this summer venue allow for wall-bang shots, especially if you have Sova or Odin on your team. It is pretty annoying to deal with, but also entertaining if you’re the one landing the shots. However, there’s nothing fun about bugs that provide one side with a competitive edge over another. Unfortunately, it’s a frequent occurrence on Ascent, and Omen is mostly the culprit.

A brand new bug has appeared on Ascent allowing Omen to teleport inside a wall. It’s a game-breaking glitch as the controller can stay here for an entire round without being spotted after using his TP.

Omen TP bug on Ascent is overpowered

Omen TP bug on Ascent

With the help of Sage, Omen’s ghastly figure can TP inside the solid wall, getting a clear view of enemies. It’s an extremely deadly glitch, and may get patched soon given how overpowered it makes Omen on Ascent.

Players reported that they encountered Omen players shooting bullets from mysterious angles. It turns out that this Omen TP bug on Ascent has already been exploited by many Omen players in competitive play. For this glitch, Omen requires a Sage Barrier to squeeze his figure into the wall. Once Omen is in, he can TP anywhere. Teleporting to the higher wall provides a vantage view of enemies entering from B-main.

Using this exploit, an attacking Omen can hold a game-breaking angle that watches over whoever enters B main. Walking a bit farther, the bugged wall also provides a clear view of the B lobby and a bit of the mid area. In post-plant situations, attackers will have one less angle to worry about when using this Omen TP bug.

If Omen and Sage are quick enough, this glitch can also be exploited on the defending side, and it’d be quite viable in defending B. Attackers may struggle to set foot inside the lobby, as Omen may take them down prior.

This is by far the most broken Omen play on Ascent. Similar bugs have emerged, but nothing provided such a massive advantage to the controller agent. This new glitch is powerful and needs to be patched. The Omen TP bug on Ascent is still new, so players should sit tight. Riot Games developers may resolve this issue soon as it’s assuredly game-breaking.