This Fade trick lets her launch enemies into the air on Icebox

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 5, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Fade’s kit is relatively simple with nothing too game-breaking, but her Seize ability is the talk of the town due to its bungee effect. 

The newest initiator in Valorant is different from the rest of the crew. She doesn’t deal damage to enemies and instead uses a rubber band-like tool that can be even deadlier. It’s capable of hanging up to five bad guys, making her a huge menace to play against. The rest of her kit is comparatively simple, as other agents can do the same. Seize looks like a generic tool on the surface, but it has many interesting uses. 

Fade’s bungee became a source of intrigue in Valorant right after her release as players hung multiple enemies, leaving them vulnerable. It’s not a bug, as players continue to replicate the hilarious yet deadly tactic to this day. 

New Fade bungee trick on Icebox is hilarious and powerful

Players have now discovered a new Fade bungee on Icebox that basically plucks attackers from their hiding spots, forcing them in the defender’s crosshair. Icebox’s A site is already tight to break open, and this setup doesn’t help the attackers in their quest to get the plant. 

For this lineup, crouch on top of the green crate and place the crosshair along the seam near the top of the pillar. Equip Seize and toss it at the wall. The rope cluster will unfold mid-air, catching enemies from the ground and pulling them up. This is a safe area for attackers to work from, but defenders can stop their advances using this Fade bungee on Icebox. It’s a powerful setup as it forces attackers to cede that position if Fade’s abilities are up. 

Fade can do a similar trick on maps like Fracture, Haven, and more, but this one on Icebox is the most powerful. Since it’s not precisely a bug, there is not much players can do except for picking Kay/O Icebox and hoping for the best. 

What’s a Fade bungee? 

A Fade bungee is a unique trick that hangs enemies from the ceiling and leaves them bouncing in place. It happens when Fade’s Seize gets stuck on a pixel or a ledge at a higher point, pulling agents upward. It’s pretty powerful, but also rare.