Fade watcher Bind

This Fade lineup on Bind reveals defenders in every corner

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 11, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Bind’s rat corners are tough to crack. Fade’s Haunt is the ultimate antidote to those tricky rat points. 

Valorant’s latest initiator, Fade, came as a direct competitor to Sova, but her nightmarish kit provides her a slight edge. The agent can double down on Intel gathered with her Prowler ability, which weakens the enemy. While Sova’s shock can do the same, Fade’s learning curve is much lower. Due to these reasons, players are generously picking her on smaller maps. 

On Bind, the agent can be pleasantly valuable. Fade’s Haunt ability can clear out tight angles that you may not be able to see otherwise. But Fade’s eye sees it all. 

How to clear Bind A site with Fade? 

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Fade can clear almost every tight corner on Bind’s A site using her Haunt. It’s ideal for tossing it on the highest point of the bomb point to ensure that it sees every odd angle. This particular lineup for Fade on Bind does just that. It catches enemies in the deepest corners of Bind. 

For this lineup, walk towards the little plant gallery on A short and jump on top of the wooden box. From here, place your crosshair under the block. Press the jump key and equip the Haunt ability. Release the eye at the jump’s apex to reveal enemies on point A. The Haunt sticks to the closest solid object and detects a metal antenna here. The ability ultimately adheres to the highest angle on the A site, revealing all defenders. 

This particular Fade lineup on Bind is better than others because it reveals the bench, triple crates, and deep lamps. Other lineups that stick on top of the roof leave out some of these dangerous points that can make attacking a challenge.

Using this lineup, attackers can comfortably march into bomb point A. This lineup pairs well with the kits of agents like Breach, who can quickly capitalize on the new intel and deal big damage. 

Is Viper a good agent on Bind? 

Viper’s ultimate can be deadly on Bind’s small-sized bomb points. Bind’s layout with its attached sites and entrances heavily favors Viper’s kit. 

For example, Hookah leads directly to B and showers adjacent to A. If Viper manages to get close to Hookah and Shower, it’s very difficult to stop her from getting the Spike planted in her ultimate. The poison pit spreads throughout the site, allowing her team a safe route towards the bomb point.