This devastating pop flash on Mirage will help you take mid

By Nick Johnson


Aug 10, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

BIG’s Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz is a player of many talents, but his new mid flash for Mirage might prove to be his greatest contribution to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players.

Map control, especially on Mirage, should be step one in planning out any attacking strategy. The difficulty in taking Mirage’s mid area stems from the fact that defenders can peek top mid from three separate angles. While sending a T underpass has the potential to directly impact a defender peaking connector, both snipers and catwalk can still be huge problems from attackers entering the space from top mid.

Luckily for players, tabseN’s flash can be tweaked just a little into a pretty devastating pop flash that explodes so fast that defenders don’t have time to reach, providing attackers with a great window for peeking.

The best Mirage mid flash to devastate CT defenders

The throw can be complicated for new players. It combines a run throw with CSGO’s infamous jump throw, but once it lands, players will be able to see just how effective it is. While tabseN’s flash manages to blind most of these positions, the flash we’ve shown below goes a bit further, fully blinding a CT pushing underpass as well as any defender on catwalk, and it’s deep enough to blind anyone in snipers for a full second and a half.

The flash spends most of its time behind the mid buildings but still goes deep enough to nail the CTs’ most common positions.

First, players should come up the ramp heading towards B apartments before wedging themselves into this corner.

Blog post image

Players must then turn around, prime a flash, and aim at the corner of the outcropping on the building shown. Run and jump throw just as the character model hits the small incline on the corner of the platform.

Blog post image

Blog post image

The flash will sail high and fast, ultimately popping just after it crosses into mid. The flash will blind everyone in snipers, deep catwalk, ladder room, and even any CTs at the bottom of mid. This effect makes it a great flash for Ts to use when they know a defender has pulled a quick underpass push and is holding for top mid aggression from the attacking side.

Blog post image

Blog post image

This flash is quick and easy once it has been learned, which everything players want out of a good pop flash. If you’re interested in other awesome pop flashes, check out these guides:

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