This Cypher setup on Bind can win you a round in every game

By Fariha Bhatti


May 30, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Cypher may have a complex kit, but he is no less deadly than a duelist in the hands of those who know how to operate the sneaky spy. A new setup on Bind demonstrates Cypher is a savvy shooter. 

Valorant’s six duelists on the current roster are fast-paced and equipped with heavy firepower. A few carry tactical tools that are devised to trick enemies into traps. With his stealthy cameras and hollow cage, Cypher fills the role of a genius shooter perfectly. He was released as a slow-paced spy, but players have unlocked new techniques turning him into more of a threat to enemy teams. 

Valorant’s one-man surveillance network effectively carries the ultimate setup for Bind that effectively locks down the entire site. 

How to play on Bind with Cypher

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This defender-side setup on Bind’s B site requires the use of Cypher’s entire kit, but it’s worth the investment. Here’s how to lock down the B site with Cypher. 

A player named zayloESP posted this setup, also used by many other professional and competitive players of late. First, place a camera on top of the B long entrance. Make sure it’s on the edge when you do. Otherwise, enemies may easily spot it. Next, place two traps in front of the container in a way that the entire planting area is now blocked. Each wire will connect with the opposite wall, ending in the middle of the metal box. Once this setup is in place, drop two smoke cages on each side, as shown in the video. 

Activate the camera as soon as you have footsteps. When enemies are spotted, turn on the smokes to create a protective screen as you take down tagged enemies. The distracted attackers may manage to destroy the Spy Cam, but the wire should surely stun them. This way, you have intel coming from the camera, trap, and smokes. Using cage protection, it should be easy to eradicate vulnerable attackers. 

To boost the viability of this setup, pair up with an agent that has tossable abilities. For example, Raze’s grenade can tenderize opponents, making for a quick round win.

All in all, this is a wildly helpful new setup that could help pick up a lead in high-stake games. However, it’s recommended to refrain from repeating too many times. Enemies may be able to read utility spots after a few rounds, so the setup might eventually backfire if it becomes overly predictable. 

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