How to play cypher

The complete guide to playing Cypher in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 18, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Cypher may have a complex kit, but he is no less deadly than a duelist in the hands of those who understand how to play Valorant’s sneaky Spy Cypher.  

The spy-like agent has a complicated toolkit that remains a must-have in the current Valorant meta. The sentinel is capable of locking down an entire map, making him an overpowered detective. Cypher’s strength isn’t about firepower, so he becomes useless if his kit isn’t used correctly. That may make him sound unappealing to some, but he is extremely rewarding for those who put in the effort and learn how to play Cypher properly.

Cypher carries an all-seeing camera, tripwires, a smoke cage, and a magical hat that exposes enemies across the entire map. Here’s how to play Cypher in Valorant.

How to use Cypher’s abilities in Valorant

Cypher’s role in Valorant is to gather information for his team. He can track and detect enemies from across the map, something no other agent can effectively do.

While this makes him more of a support agent, the fundamentals of Valorant are of utmost importance. Good communication is key for players to make use of the information he gathers. On top of that, sharp aim is very important since Cypher is often one of the last players alive on his team

Cypher Spycam (E)

Cypher’s Spycam gives him a view of a location, allowing him to scout two areas at once. On larger locations like Breeze, Cypher becomes a crucial pick as he can handle an entire site while the team focuses on the double-mid area.

It’s crucial to learn lineups in order to hide the camera properly. This way, you can keep enemies off a bombsite for a longer stretch of time. To do severe enemy damage, keep teammates closer to the entrance to shoot exposed players while they try to deal with the dart.


  • Stay in a safe position when viewing the camera. Cypher drops the weapon when he’s spectating other areas. 
  • Hiding a camera at unusual angles would help your teammates shoot down distracted enemies. 

Cyber Cage (Q)

Cyber Cage is often referred to as a smoke, but it’s worth noting that it’s much different than a generic Valorant smoke. It’s a hollow cage that notifies Cypher each time an enemy walks through it.

Lay down smoke devices on entrances of smaller maps and only activate them when you hear enemy footsteps to hit vulnerable enemies. Learning one-way lineups makes this skill even more deadly.


  • Make sure to plant double smokes if you’re going for a one-way because the enemy’s often re-hit the site when the first smoke is gone. 
  • Cyber Cage is hollow, so try not to hide inside your own smoke on maps that have elevated areas. Enemies might be able to spot you and take you down. 

Cypher Trapwire (C)

Cypher’s Trapwire is one of the deadliest abilities in Valorant as it catches enemies dead in their tracks. It’s reusable, and it concusses, slows down, and exposes opponents.

Plant a wire slightly away from the main entrances as enemies often expect wires on entries and might try to break them. Unusual traps are more likely to go unnoticed. For example, a trap close to the generator on Ascent’s A is much deadlier than an entrance trap.


  • Communicate with teammates when enemies destroy the Trap wire. Cypher gets notified when a web goes inactive. 
  • Plant Trap wires on flanks when playing on the attacker side. These wires come in handy on larger maps where scouting flanks can be tricky. 

How to use Cypher’s ult? 

Evident from the name, Neural Theft steals the memory of a dead enemy to expose their teammates. All enemies would be revealed on the radar with the help of Cypher’s magic cap. Enemies will appear on the radar for a few seconds. Be quick to read the map thoroughly and plan your next strategy.

Timing is crucial when using Neural Theft, so avoid using it when only one enemy remains or your teammates are dead. For example, sometimes, you might have to use his ultimate in risky situations with multiple enemies huddling around the corpse. At this moment, observing the radar can be challenging. If your teammates are alive, they can use the intel and provide support.


  • Pick a safer site to attack or plant the Spike utilizing the information from radar.